Men dress

When the global economic downturn forced black become luxury symbol, so, the man dress and high frequency appeared in public. Dress is every inch a gentleman and grade flaunt the most straightforward dress up. Why don’t you let dress choose some more? Wearing out the traditional spirit of neatly.

Highest: dress deluxe

1. The party was in luxury, men have to wear a tuxedo, refinement, talk not common. Therefore, a tuxedo is also a few people have the equipment.
2. A tuxedo cultivate one’s morality version to will make the men look tall and big, picking the waist design has the very good line feeling.
3. Never choose to wear a tuxedo with, but choose to have every inch a gentleman of wide waist is sealed.
4. Wearing a tuxedo time can not lead the knot, will collar up slightly, don’t choose wear red bow tie, or you will be like a high-grade restaurants, the waiter.

Tips: can never let a tuxedo occur in ordinary party. A special dress code and very grand occasion to can wear.

1. Love dress man to dress fabrics requirements will be extremely high, believe that he will not lack in the almirah that Tom Ford’s favorite velvet fabrics.
2. Even the neckline and sideline will also different material by overlock adornment, create very fluent line feeling.
3. Change the symmetrical type bag mouth design, left breast pocket mouth designed for pocket that pack and design.
4. Even double grain single-breasted one design, also will not completely on two of the button is normally is above the clasp will reach good visual effect.

Tips: suggest collocation of narrow black tie, straight but not feel constraint.

1. Man has first dress should be most traditional melanin face dress, no decorative pattern adornment, fabrics to rich simple sense of NeZi primarily. Virtually with a persistence, and forceful effect.
2. Of the detail of the ornament is also very important, arc little lapel concise and easy, different is used the velvet fabrics, build give a kind of luxuriant sense.
3. The design of a round arc more concise, personal. The most common single grain buckle design, is also the most popular adornment.
4. Pocket with arc and arrow mouth as decoration, and not take clamshell type pocket mouth design, stressed out extremely brief details decoration.
Tips: suggest collocation small shirt collar, wearing a delicate, small bow tie, both grand and not too serious.

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