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Inventory 2011 autumn winter’s clothing

Before the 2012 last autumn winter, in the previous years those dark rock style almost no trace, instead of the s and 60 s as the last century style restoring ancient ways, and fluent line, contracted style and the variety of clipping. All kinds of incredible clipping and mix build and unreasonable together; Imagine the hope of bright color and the deep dark strands together under the same sky, and serious of the coat is dashing knee is worth to recommend the fashionable new luminescent spot.

A cold tone and qiu dong devastation, profusion colour of the season one of the largest become bright color. Top brands in the use of colors trouble, bold use “color”, change the image of a man as serious, pure and fresh style mold bearing the lively man side, indicating the fashion world has from the financial crisis to get recovery. On beautiful field appeared near the red, shamrock and mustard yellow and other natural color and luster. Dolce & Gabbana bold use bright red suit fabrics, tie-in dark brown leisure trousers, slightly pulled out the snap small segment blank, echo upper-body render white shirt. D&G the blowing a fluorescent color storm, give full play to the rich imagination, thoroughly will “whimsical” after all. Orange red becomes the nods eyeball pen of many brands, Burberry Prorsum of orange red dust coat is impressive.

The men’s coat never so long, and even some long to and ankle place, and the female Maxi long skirt shares a dull, this year each big brands have rolled out this long coat, let men in addition to show his romantic charming, handsome and natural and unrestrained outside, still can have very good heat preservation effect. Dior Homme in the pursuit of concise and do not neglect administrative levels sense, contracted suits wide collocation of the collection of the extremely rich simple sense and knees coat, between layer cascade folds reveal manly man, let man in the cold winter also can maintain dashing attitude.

men coat

men coat

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