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Vintage champagne feeling heaven taste flavour

If no vintage champagne more reflects the various chateau and producer’s unique style, so, the year of the best value is that record champagne of grape quality, is just a great year product, please calm down to, to savor the taste of it from heaven.2002 is the year of harvest: Roman BoLanSiJi-the piano teacher “won the 75 Oscar for best director; Ronaldo has won the world best footballer of the year award; China has achieved the hosting of the world expo; France’s champagne region sufficient sunlight, rainfall moderate, ma vines were hung on to wait for harvest is the fruit.
2002 years is unforgettable year: moderate dry and wet climate given grapes best growth environment, the day of high temperature sunshine and the low temperature of cold at night with the great temperature difference, for the autumn harvest the grapes buried the practical groundwork. Be worth what carry is, in 2002 the grape harvest with 13 ℃ high alcohol content of close, acidity, but a the lowest on record since 1988, and let the

grapes of 2002 became champagne brewing rare market.

dom perignon champagne king 2002 year champagne
This is a brilliant champagne, pure and fresh and refined taste, fine long finish, make spirit carefree ripples. Used to match the delicate delicate taste and lithe and graceful, at brunch protean, can perfect.
2002 the year beginning to smell flowers champagne rich awhile, and send out a mature apricot, passion fruit and peaches full aroma, acidity, moderate and bringing mild solid feeling, finally stay long with a hint of spindle of fragrance abundance of light orange peel taste, the freshness of oral just after the moment of acme, champagne bubbles of fruit and a deep elegant is full of nasal, bring you the most relaxed and taste buds surging.

dom perignon champagne 2002 vintage champagne wine king under standard
Whether in celebrities gathered the honourable of occasions, or luxuriant grand fashion party, open a bottle of champagne bubbles rising top, and are no doubt can bring in party a climax. And send out a fluorescent enchantment, dom perignon champagne king green fluorescent edition of set limit to, more can make you become in all the focus of dazzling party.
Dom Perignon unique deep black, classic streamlined body and the mystery of restoring ancient ways escutcheons wine mark, as its landmark appearance design has been famous in the world. , dom perignon champagne king green fluorescent limited edition in the inheritance classic at the same time, more have a unique style unique charm. In light, escutcheons as a golden wine label shield; And in the dark, escutcheons wine label and endowed with magic as a charming reflects the green fluorescent, shield against the beautiful totem, aesthetic jing is colourful, special honour.

The flower of Paris 2002 vintage champagne beautiful moment

The flower of Paris time of year 2002 beautiful champagne brewing everywhere reflect its unique style, Herve Deschamps select the outstanding ones, to brew grapes flower beautiful Paris 2002 vintage champagne time, this kind of champagne in slag has gone through before the flower of Paris for up to six years of wine cellar alcoholize, not only keep a well balanced and pure and fresh taste, it has the potential to release all rich.
Balanced taste, Paris is the flower beautiful 2002 vintage champagne time most attractive place. Colour and lustre of wine juice suprised with golden, wine juice entrance, rich and do not break delicate taste, structure and the balance of the acidity properly, make a harmonious and elegant taste with peach fruit such as fresh taste out of robinia hawthorn and wisps of the flowers, more grapefruit and pineapple send out of orange sweet flush meantime, mixed with a little vanilla fragrance, refreshing scent of man is deeply intoxicated.

Song of the year 2002 gold medal champagne

Song of the year 2002 gold medal champagne is made of 60% pinot noir, moiidea 7%, 33% pinot and chardonnay grapes mixture, mixed choose from the grapes of 17 super vineyards and level 1 vineyard, they were lance areas of the produce of the vineyards Verzenay super pinot noir and level Ludes vineyards produced, moiidea pinot.
Song of the year 2002 gold medal in light golden wine juice of champagne looming out some silver light, streams of bubbles and exult jump, continued. It smells nature, pure, and take some of the complex elusive. Chardonnay grape give this wine brought grace mineral breath, along with absolutely breathtaking of Arabic gum series bouquet. The body is exposed to the air to send out the aroma of fruit and cakes, followed by a perfume smell, can feel the body when entrance smooth and plenty more juice. This paragraph champagne as an aperitif, taste even critics will indulge among them.



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