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relationship between the cigar wine

Back to the relationship between the cigar wine, and wine terms had as a noun that “cigar box of taste”. This is the wine in oak Chen process, one of the profound taste. After baking oak by the formation of the burnt and smoked smell slowly dissolve into wine, make wine can fluctuate give cigar, coffee, chocolate and caramel smell sweet etc. It has been a compliment “pure and fresh and blackberry fruit in, appearing a pleasant cigar box flavour, elegant balance and a long finish.

Cigar is gas enjoy, wine is liquid enjoyment. Smoking a cigar, again with a wine, can make it more balanced, refined; Contain a wine, take out again a cigar, can make the cigar is more smooth, mellow. In addition, the study found that the wine in the polyphenols, not only to a good heart, and to a certain extent, still can alleviate smoking on the cardiovascular function the damage. So, if you want to smoke, it’s best one hand and a cigarette in one hand, a cup of wine.

Hollywood “cigar guest” jack Nicholson once said: “as a man, after supper shall allow himself to leave the table, to another house to light a cigar, pour a glass of brandy.” Prime minister Winston Churchill cigar, is like this glass of whisky for yourself. In fact, we still have a kind of good choice: point a cigar, pour a glass of red wine, and put a piece of such jazz.

cigar wine

cigar wine

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