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cold winter clothing

November 13th, 2011 No comments

Want to resist the cold winter and not imagine clumsy bear that massiness, what should I do?

Valentino 2011 qiu dong Lookbook men’s clothing for you to solve the problem.

This one season by design fact wear Valentino men’s clothing out sheet is tasted, whether new material black leather jacket, wide version of camel’s hair coat, suede woolen cloth coat is concise low-key style, again tie-in a classic khaki pants, have a type and the method of cold so fix, you still waiting for?

%Men clothes cold winter clothing

men winter wear

%Men clothes cold winter clothing

Spiewak 2011 winter clothes

November 10th, 2011 No comments

The U.S. army has the king said the Spiewak since the beginning of establishment of brand will insist on the traditional street style.

Keep the traditional advanced materials and skilled, Spiewak ensures the brand original ideals in progress at the same time, and constantly improving.

In the Spiewak series of 2011 autumn winters, the “Golden Fleece” as the theme release of catalogue, in this one season sheet is tasted, full of functional jacket common occurance.

The jacket is made in the USA, material by the Spiewak exclusive “processing” and into a jacket FanMao brought material reflect the most outstanding. These products will be in the Caliroots. Com in this week for sale.

%Men clothes Spiewak 2011 winter clothes

Spiewak 2011 winter clothes

%Men clothes Spiewak 2011 winter clothes

Watch of wrist of platinum 2

November 9th, 2011 No comments

Montblanc VILLERET 1858 series EXOTOURBILLON tuo flywheel timing platinum wrist watch

In recent years, for those of dragon of real collectors create a series of limited edition watch, and watch the birth of these products is partly due to the baolong and have a long history of famous tabulation Minerva the achievements of the big mergers studio, Villeret 1858 series ExoTourbillon tuo flywheel timing platinum wrist watch an example is, his excellent technical achievement (timing, double time zone and regulating devices in the creation of the Veda) collocation 47 mm diameter large platinum case, all show special charm.

Cartier kadeya ROTONDE GRANDE COMPLICATION platinum wrist watch

This type of advanced technology, design fashion the wrist watch has a loud and clear, the name of the Rotonde super complex function wrist watch. The platinum casing, set limit to 30 rockets. Kadeya’s wrist watch has many complex mechanical functions, such as this watch of the calendar, and for the short and long time when the timer function. These wrist watch mostly for the round table). This type of impressive wrist watch adopted tuo flywheel machine, power reserve can reach 8 days.

Audemars Piguet offshore GRAND PRIX royal oak type series platinum wrist watch

In the past 20 years, this paragraph of the wrist watch the octagonal case has been the most famous classical Abby one of watches, function is rich, design varied. Its latest watch money makes the platinum, set limit to issues at 75. This is the royal oak series of wrist watch the most sports temperament of watches, has the timing stopwatch and 100 meters of waterproof performance. Original manufacturing machine core can through the sapphire crystal glance through cover, and decorated with exquisite and delicate series of carve patterns or designs on woodwork for design.

Harry Winston CLUSTER OF TIME platinum wrist watch

Shanghai Winston, this kind of work is the most famous American jeweler of series of projects. This type of pendant pocket watch, initially popular in the 1930 s, when both can be used as a project, and can as jewelry. Case the platinum material, when the project is precious perfect choice. Cluster of Time platinum wrist watch set with more than 1000 diamonds, the total weight of 57 carat, cutting types including oval, lam pointed, quilted and bright form.

GRAFF GALAXY lady platinum wrist watch

This fabulous late outfit wrist watch beautiful round of beautiful huan, the classic case design comes from the most classical traditional jewelry. Was founded in London of graves material make small, choose platinum elegant circular case and watch chain. This natural white precious metals adopt irregular way set with 30 carats of diamonds, blossom a special brilliance.

%Men clothes Watch of wrist of platinum 2

men watch

%Men clothes Watch of wrist of platinum 2
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Watch of wrist of platinum 1

November 8th, 2011 No comments

watch of wrist of platinum, who was with the supreme special status, and elegant unique temperament, in the collection of the wrist watch pocketing a level of Kings throne. As the famous British wrist watch connoisseurs Nick Foulkes (Nick • fox) of the sir say: “eternal platinum is tabulation business to show its rare watches and proud of complex function best choice.” This is the ultimate recognition of platinum watch.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5951 P platinum wrist watch
The period of the popular adornment art cushion for leaning on form case, this is da feili sole characteristics. Da feili capable of platinum is the most precious metal, so the case with platinum material, to its internal special machine core salute. This type of fine machine core, only 7.3 mm thickness, the single button timing device, in addition to the unique function, and sophisticated calendar.

Vacheron Constantin PATRIMONY TRADITIONNELLE CALIBRE 2253 platinum wrist watch
In addition to the complex function mechanical watch, also introduced a shidandu is only 10 MEDALS limited edition of the series, all use platinum case. Wrist watch has many complex function, including calendar and time adjustment, the latter can display the natural cycles of real time and the difference between the normal time. This watch also can show buyers choose site sunrise and sunset time.

IWC Portugal series MYSTERE RETROGRADE platinum tuo flywheel wrist watch
With widespread fame, WanGuoBiao Portugal series wrist watch the unique lies in its classical dial and flying tuo flywheel, with seven days power reserve display. This watch money first appeared in 2004, but a albright world house this year of Cardiff WanGuoBiao provides platinum watch money and increase the inverse jump simulation date shows, when the end of the pointer to the last day, will automatically goes back to the starting point.

%Men clothes Watch of wrist of platinum 1

men watch

%Men clothes Watch of wrist of platinum 1
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milan fashion week

November 7th, 2011 No comments

Earlier this year the milan fashion week, with color out of the 70 s show atmosphere of Dolce & Gabbana fashion show, all the lively tonal in recent big comeback, instead of 2011 autumn winters Evening Wear is more signs quarter the gentleman style appears.

Worth mentioning is that, with European heavyweight model including Guy Robison, Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Sacha M ‘Baye, Sebastian Lund, Antonio Navas, Philip Huang and Nikola Jovanovic, etc. And please to a prestigious photographer Mariano Vivanco to fencing, long coat, such as dust coat suit is dressed up, highlights the strong competitiveness in the formal occasions, velvet the missing element for a long time this year qiu dong is expected to hit the patron saint again also roll ring, and survivors squad, send out the strokes imposing manner, climaxing in the second half of the upcoming degree.

%Men clothes milan fashion week

milan fashion show

%Men clothes milan fashion week