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The latest generation of mechanical machine, modelling elegant and long constant far, chic line develop broad vision…… A new generation of ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d and contemporary fashion shows La Monegasque design style and breathtaking mechanical structure. La Monegasque series contains gaming world breath, reflecting the Monaco resort of monte carlo unique atmosphere. ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d and beautiful for this style inspiration, tie-in senior tabulation machine, set in a double charm. In the face of such a series of table when, can’t help a reflection: “complex function or exalted style, which features will first conquered the heart?”

It makes people associate with the delicate elegant art for life necessary s. Everything is so bold, elegant, unique. This is advanced tabulation technology with luxuriant refined blindfold met, the combined with a more deeply inspiring the ROGER DUBUIS ROGER du 1 pet. Confirm the dream, and the pursuit of perfect continuation of traditional, La Monegasque series in harmony swing out of the myth of the legendary monte carlo scene. Movement of popular feeling, open boxcars silk evening skirt dance YeDong, Mediterranean type gauze shade fold, and all the elegant beauty state… A whisper, just like a music, and machine core, senior tabulation, and ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d Peter some thousands of craft technique resonance ensemble.



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