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From clothes color see the man temperament


He is a standard perfectionist, and of a hopeless romantic confuse condition of man. Memories take over his most of the emotions and thoughts, easy according to their own feelings and emotions wander, narcissism quite serious tendency, to the people around him the things, always with some critical tone.
He color very have style taste, also very romantic, give him the space and time is easy to catch him.


This is the most difficult of the elusive fickle man, he does think pretty highly of himself, opinionated, like to hide your true temperament, but they will not be careful reveal pure heart; He doesn’t like to be understand perspective, like so mysterious shape; He also has a strong alienation and lonely lonely, but also to maintain their own taste and way of life, and therefore, he easy to live on in my kingdom, and others to keep a safe distance.
He is color, for sex have a strong possessive and needs, but it all depends on his emotions and decide, between hot and cold, very obvious. Therefore, he is addicted to passion enjoyment, but after the passion, that chilly look cool, but for women is very painful torture.


He is a traditional thought and carry secretly is worn the contradiction of the rebellious man; In love, work, interpersonal relationship, if setbacks or not smooth, he usually on the surface don’t see anything strange, but, deep down, it is rough, hesitate to torment. He used to live in your imagination space, avoid unpleasant things, enjoy the swim alone complacent realm.
He is color, but color very deep feeling. He always silently pays truth, like to enjoy each other attachment mood, not exaggerating your own emotions, easy to hide.

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