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Brooks Brothers

From Lincoln began, almost every President of the United States all wear Brooks Brothers, franklin Roosevelt, Nixon, Kennedy, bush and Clinton…… Therefore, the latest in the Shanghai citic Pacific square Brooks Brothers at the first stop on the tour was the world “the President royal clothes” for a big theme. And the current US President barack Obama in 2009 on a swearing-in ceremony of the gear is also a feature of the exhibition, including a black cashmere coat, a red cashmere scarf, a formal custom shirts, and formal bow tie and cufflinks.

The tour exhibition shows fully founded in 1818, Brooks Brothers nearly two centuries to the American fashion style evolution and global effect on the development of men’s clothing.

In 1849, the first Brooks Brothers suit garment, before this, men’s clothes are in the home or wealthy class by the tailor sewing customized. However, the California gold rush that can not wait for the tailor pioneer interest, they buy clothing store in the Brooks. In 1896, the first brand Polo buckle “brought the T-shirt. This shirt by brand founder Henry Sands Brooks grandson John Brooks first into the United States. In the UK in 1896 during the trip, John Brooks watch a British polo matches, he found that the polo hand will collar don’t up to prevent collar smacks his cheeks, thus gain inspiration to design the first paragraph and buckle brought the T-shirt. Later in 1949, a pink lady buckle “shirt was” Vogue “magazine reports after, the more overnight, created the women’s popular myth.

By Brooks Brother named “The no. 1 suit” (The Number One) is a clever adaptations. In 1901, three grain buckle suit gradually out of date and not willing to purchase two of the college students are buckle suit the old coat lapel in back, and Brooks introduced this tees, developed the “no. 1 suit”, its iconic stereo clipping, natural shoulder design and nonfunctional third loops dominate the 20 th century 60 years suit agitation.
On the exhibition, still can see Brooks Brothers of many of the world, including MaDeLaSi cotton cloth, twill, seersucker tie, by Brooks Brothers at first introduces the United States, the fabric and product so far is American men in almirah necessary.

And that beautiful drama “advertising maniac” actor’s face is reminding visitors, since 2008, Brooks Brother has been for the male role in providing custom costume.


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