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The latest generation of mechanical machine, modelling elegant and long constant far, chic line develop broad vision…… A new generation of ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d and contemporary fashion shows La Monegasque design style and breathtaking mechanical structure. La Monegasque series contains gaming world breath, reflecting the Monaco resort of monte carlo unique atmosphere. ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d and beautiful for this style inspiration, tie-in senior tabulation machine, set in a double charm. In the face of such a series of table when, can’t help a reflection: “complex function or exalted style, which features will first conquered the heart?”

It makes people associate with the delicate elegant art for life necessary s. Everything is so bold, elegant, unique. This is advanced tabulation technology with luxuriant refined blindfold met, the combined with a more deeply inspiring the ROGER DUBUIS ROGER du 1 pet. Confirm the dream, and the pursuit of perfect continuation of traditional, La Monegasque series in harmony swing out of the myth of the legendary monte carlo scene. Movement of popular feeling, open boxcars silk evening skirt dance YeDong, Mediterranean type gauze shade fold, and all the elegant beauty state… A whisper, just like a music, and machine core, senior tabulation, and ROGER DUBUIS ROGER d Peter some thousands of craft technique resonance ensemble.




From clothes color see the man temperament

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He is a standard perfectionist, and of a hopeless romantic confuse condition of man. Memories take over his most of the emotions and thoughts, easy according to their own feelings and emotions wander, narcissism quite serious tendency, to the people around him the things, always with some critical tone.
He color very have style taste, also very romantic, give him the space and time is easy to catch him.


This is the most difficult of the elusive fickle man, he does think pretty highly of himself, opinionated, like to hide your true temperament, but they will not be careful reveal pure heart; He doesn’t like to be understand perspective, like so mysterious shape; He also has a strong alienation and lonely lonely, but also to maintain their own taste and way of life, and therefore, he easy to live on in my kingdom, and others to keep a safe distance.
He is color, for sex have a strong possessive and needs, but it all depends on his emotions and decide, between hot and cold, very obvious. Therefore, he is addicted to passion enjoyment, but after the passion, that chilly look cool, but for women is very painful torture.


He is a traditional thought and carry secretly is worn the contradiction of the rebellious man; In love, work, interpersonal relationship, if setbacks or not smooth, he usually on the surface don’t see anything strange, but, deep down, it is rough, hesitate to torment. He used to live in your imagination space, avoid unpleasant things, enjoy the swim alone complacent realm.
He is color, but color very deep feeling. He always silently pays truth, like to enjoy each other attachment mood, not exaggerating your own emotions, easy to hide.

%Men clothes From clothes color see the man temperament

men clothing

%Men clothes From clothes color see the man temperament

How to care men soft hair

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According to the survey, 10 Asian man, have a is soft hair. The proportion is not big, but know the hair soft to vogue spend damage but huge, so we decided to this 1/10 of the man operation this theme. Just to tell you, don’t need to soft hair distress, do not easily FuRuan, fine hair also have shows up strength!

Oil dirties vacuum cleaner

1. Fu green, relaxed and wash hair film accuse oil’s
Mud mask now turn up in men fire, it can be to be sucked annoying grease, the pore sundry clean. And this kind of hair film, is hair “mud mask,” special joined a kind of oil absorption of clay, give oily scalp a great of a thorough cleaning. After washing them root root hair like a fiddle, hair amount more appear many.
A comb can make hair amount more

2. N.b. Satin Hair? Combs
If you usually comb my hair cut hair and often drop hair, advise you to switch to the magical combs, it’s the comb tenoning and ordinary comb different, can avoid and delicate hair to pledge friction, every time combing their hair as long as a quarter of the efforts at ordinary times, reduce soft hair cut hair and hair loss, by a protective coating. Special technology also can release the bright hair ion, let a hair looks more healthy.
One fixed tender hair silk

3. Pan ting CLINICARE fine the damaged hair repair embellish hair essence of
If found more hair soft and weak, also comes with a withered and yellow, probably is hair core out the problem. This type of specifically for the repair hair core products, use is a WeiDiao surgery, like in pencil head carving out cernet palace so difficult that, it will further to the hair root, “foster” you weak hair, the strong will come soon.
For horse hair kill chickens, ability more dishes

4. Julie Kou sandalwood shampoo
If you are not only oil head, with itchy, scalp hardening, eighty percent is very common now your sensitive scalp. Because of the increasing pressure for life, sensitive scalp to flourish. This product contains plants composition, have antiseptic effect, help you control all kinds of fat and discomfort, let the scalp more relaxed, so the hair also will have even more type.

%Men clothes How to care men soft hair

soft hair

%Men clothes How to care men soft hair

G-SHOCK recent joint

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Following last big hot GA-110 DR after, G-SHOCK recent joint New York fashion design again Dee&Ricky unit, and launched the second play the GA-111 DR-7 ADR new watch, super double show dial with two designer to fashion and global trends keen sense of touch, and the design of the original color is used to simulate the color more collision of watch toys effect, special apply to watch box and blocks color piece present concept, with witty interest the exterior of G-SHOCK of interpretation TOUGH character.

%Men clothes G SHOCK recent joint


%Men clothes G SHOCK recent joint
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HongKong brand ADLIB

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HongKong brand ADLIB between this week published 2011 autumn winter wear take a new image LOOKBOOK PART

1, can see AD this year still continues the American campus wind, after enters autumn winter or an IVY AD will the IVY modelling style combined with American leisure and some tannins wind, it also strengthens the functional sex of the single product itself, but also with the British cycling brand STRiDA cooperation project, this season’s AD not only let you see past noble campus atmosphere, also give you the recreational function of the new LOOK.

%Men clothes HongKong brand ADLIB


%Men clothes HongKong brand ADLIB