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Winter cascade collocation show modern

Viktor & Rolf Monsieur 2011 winter sweater, simple set of head style, but you can choose which kind of decorative pattern, YuShiPing weave, silver piece of four kinds of knitting patterns occur together, also don’t forget the spell of a case grain feather, looks like the super heat preservation, tonal it is unified black ash, but because of the different texture and smooth shadow irregular change appeared, the makings are remarkably.

Paul Smith’s 2011 winter’s shirt, this time not to play the stripe, but acclimatize hot wave point trend. You really think big dot good-looking, or small dot good. You are not in the white ash on the blue blue background between black spots indecision? Paul Smith think nothing good choice, are very good-looking, simply together the body, all kinds of word float or sink various wave point, also became a large collection of various good-looking.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

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