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Armani changeless should

Giorgio Armani figure nightIt is still dark tonal, still don’t interfere with the grain of the case develop.

No absolute Giorgio Armani printing to make public, but by dark tone geometrical design to extension. Jagged, case grain, striped and so on the different form different size in Giorgio Armani to matting Mr Favourite light material, and sometimes obvious, sometimes faint. Inclined pleated pants money is this season in the pants outfit key look, plait jian inclined to his waist, increase the space of the haunches loose quantity at the same time, in order to narrow in mouth ending leg, seems over allfunction proportion. Accessories, sunglasses and framed design for collocation dot eyeball, restore ancient ways of the box shape, the lens and transparent plate of dark brown apply, and the whole tonal collocation properly.

Summer Emporio Armani greyThe Emporio Armani season than to love of fashionable motion feeling, the series will focus on urban atmosphere relaxed, in addition to the brand representative Armani blue, grey of the whole will cream-colored, gray, such as the color of camel’s hair sand mixture together. Silk of the material being used in a lot of single product, build the flow of feeling of feeling. Throughout the series of loose pants money suggested that this one season Emporio Armani to describe the outline of the plane is not line, but stereo space, loose and lightsome manner. Bag Bag with the echo of the shoes, light material combination technique to joining together into different capacity of the Tote Bag, agile and practical. Shammy material is widely used in the design of the shoes, of the whole series of color and texture of the most profound echo.

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