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autumn of 2011

In the autumn of 2011 will be orange of the world, the orange agitation was swept by vogue amounts to a person hold, if you still do not know what words collocation with orange, immediately come to learn!

Orange, 100% reading:

Orange in the influence of the men’s clothing this season, as the boom in women’s pink as, call a person can defy. Orange and pink is more likely to be man accepted, supplement on men like color, such as blue, brown, apricot wait for color, and will be very good. Color of skin slants deep men and orange can best dramatic combination, called the lady shame straight. See be used to the cold tonal, along with the breeze orange bring us a warm meaning.

Mention of orange, first think of all sorts of rich in vitamin C of fruits and vegetables, and all related with orange of mood, warm, vigor, bold dazzle eye, pure and innocent of orange, brisk and orange, orange, reason, TianMei mature cool orange, the orange, must let everyone can feel it fascinating. Orange design usually convey a sense of more close with, and at the same time and still keep seriousness and professional qualities.

Orange design

Orange design

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