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Push-ups revealed man body hidden trouble

Good man should have good healthy and don’t trust to his young fearless, your body in the problems of the lot, do push-ups need systemic muscle with the cooperation of a push-ups to know where you will not, don’t believe? You are to do try? Do push-ups can reveal men health! Don’t not believe this but the American council on exercise authority announced the research results of the lock, experts say, do push-ups can test almost all parts of the human body sports ability, and can completely as physical health inspection standard.
Do push-ups can man testing constitution

“Finish a push-ups, and need to use arm, chest, abdomen, hip and leg parts of the muscles are closely cooperate, it can detect the body to almost every part.” The United States western Missouri state university sports education professor ShiDiWen ·, estrada thought said. With the support power their own weight, can the most rapid and most accurately reflect the nerve and muscle function.

Do push-ups can prevent aging man

The old biomechanics researchers further points out, push-ups movement is able to reflect whether a person have anti-ageing ability. “Natural aging can lead to nerve and muscle degradation, from 20 to 70 years old, fitness, will reduce 30%, but regular exercise can make muscle fiber coarsens, thus let the rest of the muscle more powerful, reduce human physiological aging.” New York state university professor and kinematics sports association consulting expert Peter megan nish says, push-ups can strengthen body major muscle, the more important is to be able to stretch forward to provide body of the power and muscle memory, and thus be able to prevent fall.



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