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Mention my grandma’s old furniture and uniforms will you associate?Is probably outdated printing and depressing camouflage pattern, central st martins college of art and design college graduates Kirsty Longman put both union, with flowers design fusion camouflage and create their own unique new design, and with different skills used to own the graduation design series, let original boring design born again, become the most that people like series part.

In the industry as the new members of the fashion industry, you have any idea?
Here is a place full of threat, industry have a lot of really talented people constantly strive to create some amazing things.

How would you describe your style?

My work has a clear image with a sense of humor, and often and through the clothes of the various types of details, color, pattern and line to act out. I hope my clothes in addition to express the theme also include wear sex, and consciousness is smart and fashion for my joy and the man and creation.

I like to work in a large adornment, I try my best to let the cloth and color concise, but keep the embroidery, printing and series work is very exquisite knitted, I try to put each clothes are independent processing and from inside to outside thinking once, so each work is very unique but there are closely linked.

You think to be a successful designers need what conditions?
They have who love them, and long-term hope to own and dressed in their clothes.

Who is your favourite designer? He has in your design bring you inspire?
I love Prada because she is good at dealing with the commercialization of the game and kept the creation of new things, and I like her, she put her in the direction of the materials to the front of the tide push theme and add your own way to deduce good taste, looking back you will feel those who works very well and can wear sex is very fashionable, and that’s exactly what I try to in my series manufacture effect.
Can you share your series? The one works is the most recognizable? That one is your favorite?

My series is the subject of two tied for, they were fighting clothing and the old lady choose interior design. My grandmother home of cheap synthetic fabric printed on some leafy flowers design for the camouflage patterns I series brings inspiration, I call it Granouflage!!!!! The whole series to textiles, I try to leading a few basic pattern applied to different mode and skills up of the creation of the department of different textures but monochrome series.

I like in high and low taste, good and bad, so some thoughts ramble line and detail I referred to the mass production of cheap works, and then give them to the classical clipping fusion, and finally became the works in the series.
That pattern of the knitting together flower camouflage jacket and that set of apron suit is the key design, and I like the most is that is full of camouflage embroidery sports pants, it is of the former Soviet union battle dress, clipping as the foundation and with cross embroider way to make.

Now there were a lot of new industry stylist, which one is you appreciate?
I like British designer Christopher Shannon, he put a sense of humor to join his from not afraid to wear in the works, I prefer him to those interesting design and decoration of the technology of details.
As a Central St Martins graduates, and you have some Suggestions for other fashion student?

Don’t be afraid of a crazy idea of people around, no matter in what to do or to the idea of loyal to his.
Your next project??? What??? You plan to set up their own brand in?
At present I will find work and constantly from experience and know more DuoRen, then may be to apply to the master’s course but want to see moment in time.



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