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Hormones can regulate our body not only

Hormones can regulate our body not only, and the more can help our health. We usually eat some food in many can help male body health, for men in hormone help add body 9 kinds of food.

1. The water. The human brain is 75% water, dehydrated, first affect organ is the brain, moisture too little, can let a person feel tired, unresponsive. If use beverage or soup added the moisture inside body, will increase heat, make body fat. So between meals to drink more water. One day at least about 2000 ml water to drink.

2. Food high in vitamin C. Men in 24 years after the sperm quality and quantity are in decline, if there is a kind of old medicine can let aging sperm again, that is full of vigor vitamin C. GaoWeiSheng mr.zhou C food is kiwi, orange, green cauliflower, asparagus, etc. Vitamin C can assist vice adrenal skin quality (an antidepressant stress hormone secretion, can fight pressure.

3. Tomatoes. The tomato’s sour can promote gastric juice to secrete, help digest proteins, etc. Tomatoes rich vitamin C can produce collagen, strong blood vessels.

4. Carrots. Carotene will change in the body into vitamin A, raise the body resistance, restrain causes the cell to the deterioration of reactive oxygen species, etc. Carrot contains rich potassium, have fall blood pressure role. Carotene also can prevent cancer.

5. Soybeans. Soybeans contain plant sex hormones, be helpful for women and men, and at the same time, soybean the perfect food. Often eat soybean products of Japanese men, prostate cancer than western countries the probability of man is low. Soybeans to improve the men still effective bone loss. Men after 60 years old, bone loss, and will start post-menopausal women as serious. Eat more soybean lecithin can complement. Lecithin has been confirmed and short-term memory and learning about.

6. Pumpkin seeds. After the age of 40 men, most people have the problem of prostate enlargement. The United States an experiment to discover, to prostatic hypertrophy of the patients taking the pumpkin seeds, actually reduce the extract the number of patients with urinary frequency, also improved other symptoms. Pumpkin seeds are also the best source of vitamin E, can anti-aging.

7. Garlic. Garlic has strong sterilization force and destroy bacteria to enter the body. Garlic can promote vitamin B1 absorption, and promote the metabolism of sugar to produce energy, and eliminate fatigue. Garlic another overlooked function is to enhance immunity. Garlic contain selenide lead with antioxidant effect, so be regarded as cancer food. Men eating garlic can improve and strengthen physique.

8. Seafood. Seafood can enhance sexual ability. Men in semen contains a large amount of zinc. When the body zinc is insufficient, can affect sperm quantity and quality. The seafood oyster, shrimp, crab zinc content is very rich, a small oysters is almost equal to one day of zinc in the demand (15 mg). Because of the rich in sugar oyster, but also has a bezoar acid or improve liver function of, and nourish to the body.

9. Whole wheat bread. To protect against pressure, B vitamins are very important. Including vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid, nicotine acid, can maintain the stability of the nervous system, increase energy metabolism, could help in the fight against the pressure. Whole grains of food such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, wheat and rice, had a lot of B vitamins. Whole wheat bread is compound carbohydrate, can slow release energy, has the calm effect, make people relaxed, not nervous.

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