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Tom Ford open their own brand

Famous designer Tom Ford in Russia to open their own brand Tom Ford  women’s clothing stores.
In the economic crisis hit, Russia has been before the darling of the luxury brands-in the past 20 years, it has been the fastest luxury consumption market and was one of the fourth largest luxury market. However, such a “grand occasion” in 2009 after the financial crisis hit, was “cold”. And the

American fashion designer Tom Ford said he does not believe that Russia will appear and a recession. He think: “our customers may not buy a new home or a new car, but they’ll still buy a new shirt and new shoes”.

In 2009, Tom Ford  in Moscow open men’s clothing store, and the first between the new store is located in the downtown shopping center, with a Prada , difuni (Tiffany) famous brands such as a shop.

Tom Ford (Tom Ford) served as Gucci (Gucci) company creative director. He said, “I self-reliance portal is a recession, but this does not affect us, because our brand awareness increasing, sales now also began to rise”.

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