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Simple easy to learn how to effectively exercise muscle line

Healthy body is a man’s best advantage, a charismatic man must have strong body, like this can give a woman security, enhance she to you worship and dependence. But first, to learn how to exercise the muscle line, if daily job is too busy, might as well use holiday to do a fitness, in full and strengthening the rest of the exercise, let the people around you to sit up and take notice.

Law is the first failure increases muscle around the effective method of diameter. Want to develop which muscles, first choose this muscle parts to strengthen training, do 6-10 times until fatigue, make its failure, and then in three to five seconds to run to the other devices, do a to develop this muscle mainly of comprehensive muscle group, 79% of the weight of the practice with the limit, so do alternate four group, about training muscles will feel great exciting, can effectively stimulation, promote its development muscle growth.

If the part of the big exercise chest muscle, effective training method is to lie down on the birds and push up together. The first to use only for 6-10 times the weight of the birds on practice, do until up, and then ran to lie down with a push before prepared 60-70% weight do lie, try to push for number to calculate a group, exhausted, of about 4 groups, exercise group 8 aggregate for about 50 times or so.

exercise muscle line

exercise muscle line


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