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In the 1959 years of “the future trends of the” trade exhibition, Patek on a special called “cobra” concept watch. However, Patek never intend this watch on production plan. Now, only the watch prototype is lay quietly on the Patek museum. After half a century, the URWERK two the genius of combination Louis Cottier tabulation talent will be deductioned afresh, the continuation of the long across half a century “the cobra’s story”.

In 1958, Louis Cottier and Gilbert Albert two people, create a combined with linear show watch. Revolutionary Two people are in the design of avant-garde concept watch top completely cover up to the mainstream watch design aesthetic view. A linear time display looks be like simple, but its internal mechanical structure of the complex degree is never seen before. But Louis Cottier and Gilbert Albert two full overcame many difficulties and finally for Patek made a watch the prototype, named it “cobra”. In 1959, Louis Cottier the technology applied for patent. But, unfortunately, the plan was never to be no below. This watch prototype now lay quietly on the Patek museum (collection Numbers P 110), let the people went to visit traveled far from the hook.

Patek cobra

Patek cobra

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