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Man perfume introduce

Man perfume also has a lot of different sweet tone, so that the different needs or the use of the occasion. But for men, woodiness adjustable perfume is a mainstream, is also one of the most varieties of perfume. In fact, the perfume, woodiness is refers to the fragrance of wood gives priority to tone, appeared in the more, after usually contain ebony borders, cedar and vetiver grass and various resin, and in the mix by them as leading role. Of course, now is for each men, recommend several sections from the top brand of perfume, the man woodiness to meet clear autumn arrival.

Chanel man movement cologne
Soft western fir quality adjusted, complete the integrative before the pure and fresh, attune of citrus in white musk attune of continuous hills and spicy plants are simple, send out a pure and simple breath.

DSquared2 water margin to wood man perfume
Bright sweet tone, deep and tight. Full of Marine breath before the tone gives a person with vigor, the smell of the tide in the delicate and pure and fresh, as a fundamental key wood sweet contains sweet root grass, smoked beans, patchouli and cedar wood, let perfume more close to nature.

YSL favored perfume
The unique HuaMuXiang adjustable give you seem in cool water bath of cool and refreshing shu shuang after the artistic conception, sweet lemon is pure and fresh and let a person enchanted, violet, basil leaves the flowers with spicy allure, and musk, Haiti vetiver grass and cedar wood, let the public have sexy and broad characteristics.

Male sweet BVLGARI gentleman
Will bergamot, violet lotus leaf and integrated harmoniously before the move, give people clear incomparable feeling. And full of charm of the BaiMu sweet sweet mix, sandalwood soft, send out a warm and Oriental gas real perceptual taste.

Armani Jane drill man perfume
Fusion exciting and pure and fresh, bergamot, match again with cedar, let the lasting appeal and masculine temperament, cacao more bring with gentle feelings, finally, with tea are sweet incense, and the precious wood interweave irresistible woman lingering fragrance, send out a thick sexy breath.

Man perfume Armani

Man perfume Armani

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