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More about men hair

Comb making is in rolling shear, wash hair hind, is the male hairstyles last procedure. Comb general is made in small comb hair dryer with use, also called blowback comb. Through the hair drier comb, and make the hair after shampoo dry and wet according to request molding, keep hairdo hairdo for long. Comb making is combing technology and modelling with the combination of art skill, has the strong technical, hairdo can forming, can meet the design requirements, will last hair, comb all depends on the process. Some long hair, long hair style, need to use brush instead of comb productions. Use all sorts of conditioner, make the hair drier time reduced, this also is combed the new development of production.

Hair combed the man making method is simpler, is to use a hair dryer with small comb (or brush), one hand and small hair drier, comb with one hand, hot comb hair dryer small with various action, make a hair according to requirements and shape modelling hairdo. Comb of comb the method: comb hair dryer in small with this model. In making use of comb out basic methods have pressure, don’t, pick, pull, pushing DuoZhong etc.


With the comb is with the palm or hair with hair drier, pinned to soothe the basic methods of hair. Comb hair comb to insert after back pressure, small hair drier to live the hair with hair pinned back and forth to blow, blow with moving heat and pressure, make the comb the hair partially used in flat on both sides of the jobs and hairdo contour edge. With the palm (or encase towel) pressure live in hair hair tip and appropriate hair tip, small to leave blowback hands and hair space, two-thirds of the hot air will blow points in the palm, palm will immediately on the heat to the hair, pressure pressure slightly curved, makes the palm creates hair tip slightly arc. General pertaining to outline parts, the contour fruity and full hair.

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