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Everyone can make mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes, but the key is how to treat already errors, prevent not errors. Nowadays more and more care for the image of the male people, study the typical failure than perhaps establish success more value. The benchmarking In fashion, which is on course to make and absolutely can’t make a mistake? How to prepare for a rainy day? How to do it properly and their fashion? Certain the 10 fashion trap, don’t be a don’t be careful, jump.

NO. 1-the classic closet

Once, countless kind mother are such education future man said, and not girl, dress up so loud? One suit, a few shirt that’s enough!!!!!! The almirah to classic! Ha ha, poor men, although men’s clothing is always so poised, like composed and honest man reliable and slightly old-fashioned, but “change” mind can never find lurking in the bottom of my heart. Now the men’s clothing but more and more romantic! All kinds of popular trend also to men’s clothing, whether in exercise fabrics, design, pattern confusion. What recreational sweater, sportswear, T-shirt, fashionable dress shirt, jacket, clothes, jeans, leisure trousers, assembling a…… Should occupy your wardrobe, a place to play out a free and easy charm of personality man.

NO. 2-blank hobby

Really can’t imagine, if a man even a hobby are not…… That he should have much miserably!!!!! In addition to what work is not interested in, what all don’t understand, in a friend (especially the opposite sex friend) eyes, I’m afraid I have close to poor and ignorant pronoun it. Don’t tube is sports and sex appeal of macho man sent football, basketball (the ManYouYou golf also calculate), or “elegant” lets the person dare not concern you of what red wine, cigars, come on, you have to have the same hands-on!

Everyone can make mistakes

Everyone can make mistakes

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