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How to keep men power

How to keep men power?

1, often movement. Often exercise can increase to the brain and other parts for oxygen, still can sweat, and help to sleep. To achieve the best effect, exercise every day, every week movement for half an hour at least three or four times a year.

2, have dinner right amount. Gluttony harmful the digestive system, and use a lot of physical ability, make the person listlessly.

3, can’t short of food. Although you may be in when have dinner not hungry, but eat something, or even just eat a fruit, and also to steady the blood sugar level. Also, of course, don’t eat too much sweet food.

4, taken less caffeine. Coffee, tea and coke contain caffeine, it can stimulate the brain, the effects of sleep quality. Therefore, the afternoon and evening had better drink less caffeinated drinks.

5, drink more water. Food will become the feces, drink water more help excrete.

6, less alcohol. 40 years old man and post-menopausal women drinking a moderate amount of alcohol, can reduce the risk of heart disease. But, drinking too much can cause dehydration up-and-down blood sugar, and damage to the liver.

7, during the day, take a nap. In addition to the sleeping at night during the day, also need to take a nap. Slumber can enhance physical ability and improve work efficiency. Is the best time to nap at noon.

8, sit comfortable. Often working at his desk, must choose a comfortable chair, both safe and can adjust back and high and low, but also a stretch his legs of space.

9, mentality optimistic. More positive side to it.

10, pay attention to relax. In the tension of the job, people need the appropriate to relax. DuoZhong diversity, the form of relaxation massage is a kind of effective method.

How to keep men power

How to keep men power

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