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Brioni-man the way of a garment

The design of the Brioni wisdom lets you have the clad way: the sui generis La Dolce Vita beyond the men’s clothing, evolved into a kind of the art of living, elegant style, the nature with sex. The atmosphere, along with the gender, leisure-Brioni autumn has refined elegance men’s clothing, luxurious appearance, let your every cell in the sea of comfortable garden.

Every piece of cloth of Brioni witness to designers to continuously pursue perfection and adventure of the process. Fabrics and does not costly, quality of a material is durable and yet elegant the sportswear become this season of similar products on the Chinese leaders. The traditional sewing cloth joined the many full of contemporary feeling, such as the design of tonal bold big box triple color decorative pattern and superposition word of the line design, and handmade imbricate, sheep camel’s hair, velvet and thick cotton twill, constitute the multiple layers of clothing material.

The material. Brigham aone is used solely the Storm System without dyeing imbricate, it has natural light color mediates warm color is moved, and half a matte crocodile skin, soft sheepskin and sheep skin bring out the best in each other. Jacket features the subtle is the use the suede leather as decorations. The improvement of English classic fashion-Prince of Wales series, bold used the herringbone pattern, form and fangs England deserves the improved with classic. Shining elegant velvet became late outfit design to be bestowed favor on newly.

Coloring. Country far away from the light gray attune and dark blue, purple and warm fresh camel’s hair passion, created the collision memorable shading effect-both the Mongolian tribe’s straightforward bold and unrestrained and ancient nor the comely and graceful and restrained, both fabric Japan made the deep gem craftsman luxury and the middle of the traditional lacquer fresh and bright.

Style. The design of the jacket and short, wonderful artical excelling nature of clipping make clothes perfectly natural curve of joint human body. Clothing girth design features the waist of the human body aesthetic feeling, shoulder, the use of exquisite, streamline design. Clothes lining and usually adopt no double structure, perfect technology to create the most natural streamlined clothing contour.

Accessories. Leather series products with concise and lively line. In the small leather accessories adopt dark brown as the main tonal. Crocodile skin tone is natural and downy, with half a dumb light brown and gray give priority to. Oxford shoe and deer leather shoes is a delicate by manual polishing leather. Ankle boots, the use of pure white material. The hills skins Crocodile skin facing will have different highlights sports shoes.

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