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At the end of the s to the early

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At the end of the s to the early s, the pursuit of individual character begins to be people highly, the men tried to use different fabrics to demonstrate their personal style. Inspired by the s, Bally2012 chun xia men’s clothing series the selection of frivolous fabrics is comfortable, hold concurrently fashion appearance: from simple random wind recreational shoe, soft island knitting unlined upper garment, the wind to easy to carry the bags accessories, each one works are perfect showed a languid is lazy and costly summer recreational amorous feelings.

In addition to new leisure shoes series, Bally outside has introduced a new “Scribe Legere” light shoes series. This series of shoes, the Goodyear shoes body design structure change in the 50 s design, make its have extremely light qualities, very suitable for summer dress. In addition to Bally this season sports shoes offer wider design, material and color choice. New recreational shoe styles, reveal the series to the simple costly feeling.

Bally type element to join the nifty, very soft leather bags and accessories and practical design feeling and the colour combination increased the men’s bags series visual impact. Punch leather and Bally landmark trainspotting with stripes the whole series presents unique contracted costly feeling.

Coat the outline of the outline of cultivate one’s morality, on collocation a hale article clipping cultivate one’s morality hang down suitable trousers, cool and have a type. The garment fabric chooses is wool mohair, design and soft loose also extremely delicate stereo feeling, suitable for all the year round, Bally man wearing a garment characteristic is its use of the acme of quality of a material soft cotton, leather, leather leather fabrics. Straight canister, asymmetric clipping fifty s style jacket, the islands and soft cotton unlined upper garment jacket all form a unique Bally type style. This series of tonal: yellow, red, blue, green, the overall feeling of the youth and be full of spark.

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