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4 of Men body Hair

Although dense is different from the male body hair female sex, but most women don’t think male body hair is sexy performance, they prefer to smooth arm, not the furry arm. When they put your head on your chest, like the smell is you the taste of cologne, not the chest hair sends out unwanted odours. So you have a reason to regular cleaning your hair, especially in the date you, even before the “extreme” with more method thoroughly and the unnecessary embarrassed say bye bye body hair. Now immediately teach you the way of hair removal, first off, the doubts of the hair removal away to safety effectively hair removal.

Whether the beard or hair, shave wool method is the most security cheap, fast way. Defect is every few days have a hair removal, sometimes accidentally may cause skin damage and hair follicle inflammation, skin allergy, etc.


1. The key is to remove hair against the growth of hair direction shave wool, blade enough to the hair, ability won’t cause the pull of the pain.

2. In addition to hair cause skin damage if, may lead to infection, leading local pain, red, swollen, festering, and may cause in the future pigment problem, so serene manner, in addition to stop hair removal, should be the proper outside disinfection, clean the medicine shall, when necessary, to seek doctor’s treatment.

3. A lot of people will mistakenly shave wool can let the longer hair the thick, the more the longer. In fact, this is the vision of misunderstanding, because just be shaved hair, long hair tip out again, look more blunt, thicker, is not like a hair tip is conical, therefore, will look like coarsens black.

4. If shave beard, many men will use shave creams, after scraping the frost. Use shave creams goal mainly is to soften hair, reducing the razor and of the friction between the hair, and prevent the skin surface damage, the proposal blow hair frost must first in hair and skin for 4 minutes, again beginning blow, the best effect to skin damage minimal. After scraping the frost is mainly used to relieve the discomfort after hair removal, but if the skin sensitive person, to avoid to use contain high levels of alcohol products, so as to avoid the stimulation.

men body hair

men body hair

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