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4 point for men train

August 23rd, 2011 No comments

I worte many many article about men fashion,and how to care men body.

This article are very detailed introduces how to training youself.

20 years old train muscle

This time through the muscle strengthening exercise achieved routine physical strength “, “after the termination of the exercise will not disappear. While heart through the endurance exercise can increase blood transfusions. In short, person of 20 years old can be the healthy reserve henceforth “resources”. This stage must pay attention to insist to take exercise to keep weight, or 30 years old later to reduce weight is very much. Exercise can be the next day a, such as on Monday, Tuesday, five, every time you have about 30 minutes enhance physical exercise, the method is: attempt something heavy load is the limit of 60%, muscle strength practice to muscle feel tired so far (every time do 10 to 12 times). If DuoCi exercise is not feel tired, can increase the equipment, must make major weight 10% muscle group (chest muscle, shoulder muscles, back muscle, biceps and triceps, abdominal muscle, leg muscle) get exercise. 20 minutes of cardiovascular system, such as jogging, swimming exercise, riding a bicycle, etc.

30 years old train practice flexibility

At this time the body joints often issued some sound, this is the precursor of arthritis. In order to make joint at high flexibility, should do more stretching exercise. Still is the next day once for each 5 ~ 30 minutes of cardiovascular system exercise (swimming), jogging or strength don’t like age 20 as big as that. 20 minutes of exercise, and enhance physical strength at the age of 20, compared to some of the light weight lifter, but the number of times can do more… 5 ~ 10 minutes of stretching, the key is to back and leg muscles. Sedentary office are more to pay attention to stretch. The method is: supine, two knee as far as possible to the chest, adhere to: 30 seconds; Supine, lift on two legs, respectively, try to give high, keep 30 seconds. This age paragraph the person still can carry out all the physical exercise. If intermittent a period of time, to exercise with “progressive” principle, 35 years old people before taking exercise had better do cardiogram.

40 years old train the bodily form

More than 40 people choose sport should be advantageous to not only keep good bodily form, and can prevent common senile disease, such as high blood pressure, cardioascular disease. Exercise every Monday, five for two times, choose a moderate intensity exercise, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.

Over the age of 50 train health insurer

Can do 10 ~ 15 minutes of exercise equipment, equipment, weight than 30 light some, too heavy can damage health, but the number of times might as well more. To prevent an accident, had better not use dumbbell, and with machines; 5 ~ 10 minutes of stretching, especially want to notice activity each joint of muscle atrophy and those easily; On Wednesday and make a 45 minutes enhance physical exercise, can do push-ups, half next crouching, repeat many groups, and about 20 times. Recommend sports: tennis, long distance skiing, swimming, jogging, golf, dancing, take a walk, etc.

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More and more about shave

August 22nd, 2011 No comments

1. Ready?

If you compare thick hard long mustaches, unless you use a dry wet amphibious model razor, otherwise you if with an electric razor to shave will have a better result. But in use electric razor, first make sure you skin dirt and leather fat has been completely clear, you can use alcohol before apply, most of the products shall be of such products contain vitamin E composition, it can protect your skin, will shave stimulation reduced to the minimum.

2. Angle correct?

In the use of electric razor, shaving Angle is very important, according to different parts of the face you adjust your hand from the point of view of the razor, let the beard and the surface of the razor with a 90 degree Angle, vertical another hand can and are shaving this part of the skin and taut, so as to make the most of the large area razor contact with the skin, can shave more thoroughly clean. For rotary electric razor should also according to face made corresponding circular motion.

3. Be careful razor fever stimulate the skin

Because the electric razor operation for a period of time, so the fever after shaving process likely to stimulate to just shaved skin, serious can cause allergies. For such a sensitive area, neck in razor began to shave, another before fever don’t shave same part again and again.

4. Regular maintenance maintenance it carefully

Electric razor and your car same, need often maintain and maintenance, any little wrong with in time to repair, such as regular cleaning the beard slag in the razor, so can let the razor moment best operation condition and will become more saving. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the blade with soft brush, don’t use hard tools to scrape a touch, the more advanced electric razor, so the precision laid hands on him must gently. If you are using a metal foil razor, aluminum foil needs every 1-2 years update once, this depends on your long mustaches toughness. Most men neglect to do this. In manual replacement parts must be detailed instructions to read, not damaged other parts.

5. Insist to use more and more good feeling

If you have been used to manual razor, may be just started to use the electric razor it can be a bit does not adapt, no relationship, you need to do is hold to a few days, about a week later you will fall in love with your electric razors, it in absolute safety of circumstances, can let you enjoy the pleasure of modern high-tech brings the shaving feel, and it bring you than manual stimulation of the blade much smaller.

more and more about shave

more and more about shave


man’s summer clothing

August 21st, 2011 No comments

The weather seems to don’t like autumn cool, as more and more heat.

Don’t I just buy the man of the autumn outfit can’t wear?

Still need to put on the summer clothing.

In here to remind friends, this kind of hot and cold weather and sick easily, be sure to protect his own body.

Well, since the weather was so hot that we continue to discuss man’s summer clothing.

Also good in this blog has a lot articles about summer, it was not hard to find it.

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The mood is really poor

August 20th, 2011 No comments

Today the mood is not very good.

Because of the factory’s misstake,a very important sports clothes may not on time delivery.

It is very simple, but inwrought craft but the workers make to very poor products.

This is very important clothing, is a French guests order.

Now do not know what to do, because the cloth is none, also cannot find exactly the same sportswear cloth.

The mood is really poor.

mood very bad

mood very bad


Essence of men fashion

August 19th, 2011 1 comment

Recent articles are not search engine included.

I write are original man fashion articles.

Very strange.

Much of the northern hemisphere experienced weather slowly cold the weather, and the southern hemisphere slowly hot up.

Although the temperature difference, but the essence of fashion will not change.

There have been a lot of recent articles about men clothing, most of the ideas are characteristic of it, in order to avoid being the same comments, I also don’t write some articles, wait until there are better inspired to write it.

men fashion

men fashion