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man how to wear suit

Of the men wear suits can appear bearing, but if you don’t know about men in suits note, it will make your man grade to sell at a discount greatly:

Dress don’t wear a suit of false-man note: although “gray” and low price, but on formal occasions can 10 million don’t wear false name brand, whether clothes or jewelry, let the other people see out you will drop a few.

Pocket-men wear suits should not be drum of note: whether suit coat or pants pocket, try not to put or less put article. Pocket drum drum bag bag filled things will only make people laugh at you sloppy. Will always be, will suit pocket of the flip cover.

Color more than men do not wear a suit-the attention: the body tie, shirts and will suit, trousers, shoes, socks, shoes, the same color fastens collocation is preferred.

Color socks don’t wear a suit of shallow-man note: wear a suit with the flowers or light color socks is not the best proof of dress. Choose black socks would never have problems, suggest the man usually simply don’t buy white socks, because can wear occasions too little, but black socks is the more the better. Also don’t wear short socks, socks too short, sat there he can show leg, very dirty.

Tie can’t spend-men in suits note: usually tie than some deep color suit. Don’t try to color and pattern of the common tie, such as not geometry pattern, hand painted, animal model, etc., are not easy to match use patterns. Tie clip has belonged to out-of-date things, had better not use.

Saw this article men in suits note, you also need to know the man how to wear suit.

man how to wear suit

man how to wear suit

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