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10 way make you get whelk

If you are a Fashion men,you can not get whelk.


Often contact sunshine will make sweat glands, and the secretion of sebaceous glands, block pore, accelerate the active inflammation, appropriate to put on a hat.

2, drinking

JiuLing blood to weak acidity, indirect cause acne problem, patients drinking can accelerate blood circulation, detonated acne.

3, swimming

The pool of disinfectant and bacteria will stimulate the skin, avoid swimming born acne.

4, eat food containing iodine

Heavy food containing iodine volume (such as laver), in the dark sore outbreak period should avoid eating less.

5, massage

Massage promote blood circulation, inflammation and worse, so will dark sore acne don’t do well with massage la!

6, to eat Fried food

Fried food, if oil in the process of grease is secreted by blocking or bacterial infections, a dark sore of!

7, hair keep out

Hair easy with filth and grease, cover face will make facial oil on gas.

8, make up with thick powder

Cosmetics will block pore breathing, and powder will mix with grease bacteria, make acne worse.

9, sauna

Sauna helps blood circulation, will accelerate acne outbreaks.

10, taping keep out

If acne inflammation was closed will make the situation worse, if acne has purulent, tore come unglued stick a wound and will leave a scar.

Fashion men can not get whelk

Fashion men can not get whelk

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