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5way for Get muscle

Every men want strong muscle,right? But,How to get men muscle?

1, big weight, low number:

Strong and handsome theory with the representation of a load for rm the highest repetitions. For example, the rider to a weight can only raised continuously five times, the weight is 5 rm. Research shows that: 1-5 rm load training will add thick, muscle development power and speed; 6-10 rm load training can make muscle bulky, power speed increased, but endurance growth is not obvious, 10-15 rm load of muscle fiber training is not obvious, but add thick strength, speed, endurance all have to grow; Visible, 5-10 rm load weight is applicable to increase the size of muscles is strong and handsome training.

2, the number of groups:

When want to exercise, and got up to do 2 ~ 3 groups, it is a waste of time, can’t long muscle. Must be special take 60 ~ 90 minutes of time focusing on exercise the particular site, every action, do 8 ~ 10 groups, to fully stimulate the muscle, and at the same time the recovery time more muscle need long. It has been so far, “muscle saturated saturation” to your feelings, its modest standard is: acid, bloated, pins and needles, solid, full, expansion, and muscle appearance of obvious stout, etc.

3, long displacement:

Whether rowing, lie pushing, nominate, bending, are to be the first lift dumbbells to put in stretch as far as possible is low, fully muscle, again raise to try to high. This a “continuing tension” and sometimes contradictory, the solution is to quickly through the “lock” state. However, I do not deny that big weight of the second movement of the role.

4, slow speed:

Slowly, slowly lifted in put down, on muscle deeper stimulation. In particular, put down the dumbbell, to control the speed, durst do practice, be able to fully stimulation of muscles. Many people ignored the concession sex practice dumbbell lifted up even to finish the task soon, to put down the waste, the great opportunity of adding muscle.

5, high density:

“Density” refers to the rest of the time between the two groups, only rest 1 minutes or less time called high density. To make the muscle mass increased rapidly, be about little rest, frequently stimulate muscle. “The number of groups” is set up on the basis of “high density”. Exercise, be like the same war, he was so absorbed in training, not to think about other things.

men muscle

men muscle

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