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Fashion men David Beckham

Each age has their idols and star, even today they have old go to, also is regarded as the classic, because they tend to send out that s the established the fashion breath, for example Duran. At present is popular fashion male, some did not consider himself is fashionable, some talk of benchmarking fashion people make and future trend, no matter whether the better become a classic, they all from the aspects of definition of the present.

David Beckham home page on Facebook ahead of the group of Dior exposure in Alexander McQueen, YSL and large areas of the simple, talked about the new season after Los Angeles, he consciously revealed for the family how to the birth of baby girls feel excited, success draws attention from all walks of life, it seems that in the subtle differences, the promotion of Beckham and fashion is no longer know little about.

Jake Gyllenhaal is magazine for Hollywood’s most strong and handsome male seal. No, he can’t afford the earlier as science fiction franchise “source code” of a soldier all fitness, from the start, rock climbing barefoot running to bike. Rare to fitness now unable to stop: “I am not because this is a bad day, so to go for a run, but, this is a bad day, I need to keep the want to know what this is all about.”

French fashion magazine “Citizen K” and founder of Kappauf have been physically, to overturn the aesthetic orientation of the world, the first made his magazine covers, may be afraid of hate him too much influence sale, so special partner a design, and at first glance it thought and rookie in with sex, in fact “popularization still Kappauf favourite for the fashion demon man wind.

The north American champion of the endless box office two starring Bradley, should still cover reach higher, we understand that popularity Cooper starred in “sex and the city” actor is usually enough handsome enough is enough would dress up the flow of a type. When the project is planning magazine date, countless female fans wanted to know the date of requirements, jin chick cooper only talk about how, after all that interested in film is his first film. It&rsquo alone

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