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More and more about shave

1. Ready?

If you compare thick hard long mustaches, unless you use a dry wet amphibious model razor, otherwise you if with an electric razor to shave will have a better result. But in use electric razor, first make sure you skin dirt and leather fat has been completely clear, you can use alcohol before apply, most of the products shall be of such products contain vitamin E composition, it can protect your skin, will shave stimulation reduced to the minimum.

2. Angle correct?

In the use of electric razor, shaving Angle is very important, according to different parts of the face you adjust your hand from the point of view of the razor, let the beard and the surface of the razor with a 90 degree Angle, vertical another hand can and are shaving this part of the skin and taut, so as to make the most of the large area razor contact with the skin, can shave more thoroughly clean. For rotary electric razor should also according to face made corresponding circular motion.

3. Be careful razor fever stimulate the skin

Because the electric razor operation for a period of time, so the fever after shaving process likely to stimulate to just shaved skin, serious can cause allergies. For such a sensitive area, neck in razor began to shave, another before fever don’t shave same part again and again.

4. Regular maintenance maintenance it carefully

Electric razor and your car same, need often maintain and maintenance, any little wrong with in time to repair, such as regular cleaning the beard slag in the razor, so can let the razor moment best operation condition and will become more saving. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the blade with soft brush, don’t use hard tools to scrape a touch, the more advanced electric razor, so the precision laid hands on him must gently. If you are using a metal foil razor, aluminum foil needs every 1-2 years update once, this depends on your long mustaches toughness. Most men neglect to do this. In manual replacement parts must be detailed instructions to read, not damaged other parts.

5. Insist to use more and more good feeling

If you have been used to manual razor, may be just started to use the electric razor it can be a bit does not adapt, no relationship, you need to do is hold to a few days, about a week later you will fall in love with your electric razors, it in absolute safety of circumstances, can let you enjoy the pleasure of modern high-tech brings the shaving feel, and it bring you than manual stimulation of the blade much smaller.

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