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Details of the dress

Not everyone will pay attention to the details of the dress.

Men’s clothing details many, it is difficult to clear a word. This simple said several:

1: the color of the socks, must not be white. If you are in a suit, wearing a pair of white socks, you must be the most ugly, remember, no matter what color is your shoes, can tie-in white socks.

2: suit of trademark, please be sure to note, no matter how expensive suit, you must give the trademark cut off, though it looks so simple, but I really found that a lot of people’s sleeve with trademark.

3: the tie, and not all men are suitable for the tie, and not all the clothes are tie-in the tie. If you match well, people will regard you as a waiter, then, the condition must be very awkward.

details of the dress

details of the dress

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