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how to choose fashionable mens clothing

Today many friends asked me, how to choose fashionable men’s clothing?

Must buy the famous brand?

My answer is NO.

Undeniable, famous brand clothes indeed design is very beautiful, but can not deny, brand clothing prices very expensive, the most important is will bump against garment.

For example, a brand new POLO Shirts, the design is very good,it must be many people snapping up the first time, and put them on.

In this paragraph of time, you are very easy on the street or in the supermarket meet a identical man as you dressed, this feeling is good?

So my advice is, buy clothes must according to your figure, style, and must not aimless to choose brand clothing.

Even if Beckham wearing a $3 khaki pants, a lot of people also must think is a particular brand of set limit to one.

So, don’t blindly accepted brand, wear out their own style is the most important.

well-know brand

well-know brand

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