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man how to wear suit

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Of the men wear suits can appear bearing, but if you don’t know about men in suits note, it will make your man grade to sell at a discount greatly:

Dress don’t wear a suit of false-man note: although “gray” and low price, but on formal occasions can 10 million don’t wear false name brand, whether clothes or jewelry, let the other people see out you will drop a few.

Pocket-men wear suits should not be drum of note: whether suit coat or pants pocket, try not to put or less put article. Pocket drum drum bag bag filled things will only make people laugh at you sloppy. Will always be, will suit pocket of the flip cover.

Color more than men do not wear a suit-the attention: the body tie, shirts and will suit, trousers, shoes, socks, shoes, the same color fastens collocation is preferred.

Color socks don’t wear a suit of shallow-man note: wear a suit with the flowers or light color socks is not the best proof of dress. Choose black socks would never have problems, suggest the man usually simply don’t buy white socks, because can wear occasions too little, but black socks is the more the better. Also don’t wear short socks, socks too short, sat there he can show leg, very dirty.

Tie can’t spend-men in suits note: usually tie than some deep color suit. Don’t try to color and pattern of the common tie, such as not geometry pattern, hand painted, animal model, etc., are not easy to match use patterns. Tie clip has belonged to out-of-date things, had better not use.

Saw this article men in suits note, you also need to know the man how to wear suit.

man how to wear suit

man how to wear suit


10 way make you get whelk

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If you are a Fashion men,you can not get whelk.


Often contact sunshine will make sweat glands, and the secretion of sebaceous glands, block pore, accelerate the active inflammation, appropriate to put on a hat.

2, drinking

JiuLing blood to weak acidity, indirect cause acne problem, patients drinking can accelerate blood circulation, detonated acne.

3, swimming

The pool of disinfectant and bacteria will stimulate the skin, avoid swimming born acne.

4, eat food containing iodine

Heavy food containing iodine volume (such as laver), in the dark sore outbreak period should avoid eating less.

5, massage

Massage promote blood circulation, inflammation and worse, so will dark sore acne don’t do well with massage la!

6, to eat Fried food

Fried food, if oil in the process of grease is secreted by blocking or bacterial infections, a dark sore of!

7, hair keep out

Hair easy with filth and grease, cover face will make facial oil on gas.

8, make up with thick powder

Cosmetics will block pore breathing, and powder will mix with grease bacteria, make acne worse.

9, sauna

Sauna helps blood circulation, will accelerate acne outbreaks.

10, taping keep out

If acne inflammation was closed will make the situation worse, if acne has purulent, tore come unglued stick a wound and will leave a scar.

Fashion men can not get whelk

Fashion men can not get whelk

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5way for Get muscle

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Every men want strong muscle,right? But,How to get men muscle?

1, big weight, low number:

Strong and handsome theory with the representation of a load for rm the highest repetitions. For example, the rider to a weight can only raised continuously five times, the weight is 5 rm. Research shows that: 1-5 rm load training will add thick, muscle development power and speed; 6-10 rm load training can make muscle bulky, power speed increased, but endurance growth is not obvious, 10-15 rm load of muscle fiber training is not obvious, but add thick strength, speed, endurance all have to grow; Visible, 5-10 rm load weight is applicable to increase the size of muscles is strong and handsome training.

2, the number of groups:

When want to exercise, and got up to do 2 ~ 3 groups, it is a waste of time, can’t long muscle. Must be special take 60 ~ 90 minutes of time focusing on exercise the particular site, every action, do 8 ~ 10 groups, to fully stimulate the muscle, and at the same time the recovery time more muscle need long. It has been so far, “muscle saturated saturation” to your feelings, its modest standard is: acid, bloated, pins and needles, solid, full, expansion, and muscle appearance of obvious stout, etc.

3, long displacement:

Whether rowing, lie pushing, nominate, bending, are to be the first lift dumbbells to put in stretch as far as possible is low, fully muscle, again raise to try to high. This a “continuing tension” and sometimes contradictory, the solution is to quickly through the “lock” state. However, I do not deny that big weight of the second movement of the role.

4, slow speed:

Slowly, slowly lifted in put down, on muscle deeper stimulation. In particular, put down the dumbbell, to control the speed, durst do practice, be able to fully stimulation of muscles. Many people ignored the concession sex practice dumbbell lifted up even to finish the task soon, to put down the waste, the great opportunity of adding muscle.

5, high density:

“Density” refers to the rest of the time between the two groups, only rest 1 minutes or less time called high density. To make the muscle mass increased rapidly, be about little rest, frequently stimulate muscle. “The number of groups” is set up on the basis of “high density”. Exercise, be like the same war, he was so absorbed in training, not to think about other things.

men muscle

men muscle

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Fashion men David Beckham

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Each age has their idols and star, even today they have old go to, also is regarded as the classic, because they tend to send out that s the established the fashion breath, for example Duran. At present is popular fashion male, some did not consider himself is fashionable, some talk of benchmarking fashion people make and future trend, no matter whether the better become a classic, they all from the aspects of definition of the present.

David Beckham home page on Facebook ahead of the group of Dior exposure in Alexander McQueen, YSL and large areas of the simple, talked about the new season after Los Angeles, he consciously revealed for the family how to the birth of baby girls feel excited, success draws attention from all walks of life, it seems that in the subtle differences, the promotion of Beckham and fashion is no longer know little about.

Jake Gyllenhaal is magazine for Hollywood’s most strong and handsome male seal. No, he can’t afford the earlier as science fiction franchise “source code” of a soldier all fitness, from the start, rock climbing barefoot running to bike. Rare to fitness now unable to stop: “I am not because this is a bad day, so to go for a run, but, this is a bad day, I need to keep the want to know what this is all about.”

French fashion magazine “Citizen K” and founder of Kappauf have been physically, to overturn the aesthetic orientation of the world, the first made his magazine covers, may be afraid of hate him too much influence sale, so special partner a design, and at first glance it thought and rookie in with sex, in fact “popularization still Kappauf favourite for the fashion demon man wind.

The north American champion of the endless box office two starring Bradley, should still cover reach higher, we understand that popularity Cooper starred in “sex and the city” actor is usually enough handsome enough is enough would dress up the flow of a type. When the project is planning magazine date, countless female fans wanted to know the date of requirements, jin chick cooper only talk about how, after all that interested in film is his first film. It&rsquo alone


More about jeans

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Good jeans its life is very long, and more and more beautiful, wear wash the old more taste, so the choice of fabric is very important. Fabric bad jeans, not only short life, and easy to deformation, fading, wearing also not comfortable. The real jeans is made of 100% cotton cloth, even suture is made of cotton.
And the most commonly used dye is a synthetic indigo, decorative rivets are the copper, each detail is rigorous and orderly in this issue, we introduce you to many style of jeans, and can meet the demand of you.

No gorgeous color, also have no alternative distinctive design, but it can in the fashion industry “young”, this is contracted classic cowboy shirt. In people fanaticism chase those gorgeous piece carry style, we might as well slow pace, look around these design common, maybe have been you pressure tank bottom, cowboy in shirt, we will bring you together, to renew the cowboy eternal classics shirt.

If you get tired of the boring in western dress and leather shoes, if you want to make look strong and handsome size pure, then I want to, you may need a contracted chic kids jeans jacket. It have a type, and handsome perfectly show you very masculine, on collocation a white T-shirt, can break drab, and increase the administrative levels feels. You can be in of the job, put on such a cowboy outfit, about on a few partners, far away from the noisy city, throw away all the working pressure, enjoy easy holiday.