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Socks and men fashion

July 26th, 2011 No comments

Some men will say, “a pair of socks what cultured? Anyway, it is to wear Leather shoes in.” What does not know, men dress from these seemingly minor details grade is reflected in the dress, especially in installing, a pair of socks choice often become the key of success or failure in a pack.

Not just a pair of socks can do to installing the sox

Do not think that literally from the closet find out a pair of wool socks, can match being installed, for the fashion men, assembling a sox is absolutely necessary. The standard is installed sox color mostly black, grey or dark CangLan etc, with the monochrome and simple jacquard primarily, material generally for cotton, wool and elastic fiber, which absorb sweat air tightness and moderate. And, being installed sox requirements are thin and not transparent and long and crus belly, so that we can guarantee the man sit, not in trousers and socks side edge between passes a cut skin. And if it is tie-in dress, assembling a sox requirements also is met subsequently upgrade, black silk socks is obviously the gentleman of traditional, now also have a lot of men choose dumb light thin wool socks, the quality of a material that can better highlight to installing trousers and is the quality of a material of dress shoes with luster. A man had recommended that fashion magazine: “if a man dressed in shallow mouth no choice with tie-in leather shoes, he must be late outfit to determine his socks texture is very thin, and if you choose a pair of black thick socks to match, that will make you look very like labradors.”

socks of mens fashion

socks of mens fashion

If just to go to work or to attend the general formal occasions, assembling a sox should and trousers, leather shoes, three color, make same or similar legs and feet look is complete, a body, if leather shoes and trousers off color is bigger, it should at least keep socks and shoes with color. In daily life, we always seems to see a man is sitting with the leg from trousers and leather shoes out a section between white socks, this kind of collocation is a landmark for Jackson fashionable, but it is being installed to the man is absolutely the collocation of then taboo.


fashion consultant of Obama

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fashion consultant of the President of the United States

If you ask Hollywood, who will become the next President of the actor was born? The whole Hollywood will tell you the same answer: George clooney.

In addition to a standard of the President of the United States, the poignant speech can face, George clooney’s activities do not underestimate ability. The stars are love various charitable activities, but clooney to charity is not only the “love” mouth, he launched a for Haiti earthquake relief activities, let telephone brad Pitt and Angelina jolie waiting for a ticket Hollywood star answer the phone relief.

I don’t know clooney how to care his skin,he looks very youth.

His love for the political opinions and published by the crowd welcomed, of course, be political figures like of beijings object. Obama early in the campaign and clooney pull the relationship, are considered “wearing sackcloth bag are all handsome” clooney gave Obama a lot of fashion advice, and they often telephone and E-mail traffic. Obama took office in the White House a personally received him, George presenting a more current President fashion consultant and activities consultant. Last year after the tour of Sudan, he was in the White House for Obama’s interview, report to the local residents conditions of life and life difficult, to help governments to find better ways to Sudan’s aid.

And other star, clooney people doing things very than smart, even some politicians “crafty”. He almost don’t accept gifts, even if accepted, also direct will hang on eBay to sell them, the proceeds to charity. “I have been very cautious about. Wealthy celebrities are everywhere, accept a gift is badly will look greedy. And, I also don’t need what set auger cell phone.”

fashion consultant

fashion consultant

However, clooney good said he no political ambitions. “In the important events, people have to do a lot of compromise.” He also bad to laugh at themselves with a smile: “I and too many women had relations, also drunk too much. If in politics, I must be that often have to stand up and admit that ‘yes, I do that’ slob.” He’s clever, isn’t it?

I think clooney look like Brett


clothing fabrics

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In the clothing, clothing fabrics is multifarious, with each passing day. But from in general, high quality, high-grade fabrics, mostly to wear comfortable with, absorbent breathe freely, trailer tinggua, visual nobility, gentle touch many aspects, such as the characteristic.

Production in formal social occasions dressed in costumes, should choose pure cotton clothing, wool, pure silk, pure hemp products. The four kinds of pure natural texture in the clothes I make, mostly fabrics of high grade. Sometimes, dressed in pure leather the clothes I make, and also is allowed.

Below, the common the characteristics of fabric are some simple introduction.

1, cotton cloth

Cotton cloth, is the floorboard of all kinds of cotton textiles. More than it used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirt. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft personal, hygroscopicity, permeability is really good. It is easy to shrink the shortcomings, easy to knit, appearance beautiful, not in wearing tinggua must often pressing.

2, linen

Linen, with marijuana, flax, ramie, jute, sisal, bunches of hemp plant fiber flax made of fabric. Generally be used to make casual wear, and the upper by its make ordinary sundress. It is the advantage of high strength, moisture absorption, heat conductivity, good air permeability. Its defect is not very comfortable to wear, appearance is relatively coarse, curt.

3, silk

Silk is silk as raw material, textile and all kinds of things into the silk collectively. And cotton cloth, it as many kinds of different, individual character. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, especially suitable for used to make women’s clothes. Its strength is frivolous, fit, soft, smooth, breathe freely, colour is gorgeous, full of sheen, nobility is elegant, wear well. It is easily the shortage of wrinkles, easy to absorb the body, not strong enough, fade faster.

4, the wool

The wool, also called wool, it is to use all kinds of wool, wool woven into the fabric of the general. It usually apply to make dress, suits, coats, and regular, high-grade dress. Its advantages are anti-creasing wear-resisting, feel soft, elegant tinggua, flexible, strong warmth retention property. It is mainly the shortcomings of washing is difficult, it is used for making sundress.

clothing fabrics

clothing fabrics

5, leather

Leather tanning, is through a animal fur fabrics. To make it more fashion, winter coats. And can be divided into two types: one is the leather, namely to hair treatment after the leather. 2 it is fur, namely treated even MAO’s leather belt. It has the advantage of light to keep warm, elegant. It is the shortcomings of expensive, storage, care the demand is higher, should not be so popular.

6, chemical fiber

Chemical fiber, is the abbreviation of chemical fiber. It is the use of high polymer compound as raw material production and become fiber of textiles. Usually it is divided into artificial fiber and synthetic fiber two categories. Their common advantage is bright color, texture is soft, smooth and comfortable, trailer tinggua. Their defect is wear resistance, heat resistance, the hygroscopicity, gas permeability is poorer, encounter heat easily electrostatic, easy to produce. Although it can be used to make each kind of clothing, but overall level is not high, won’t bear repeating.

7, blending

Blended, is natural fiber and chemical fiber will according to the certain proportion, textile and into the fabric of the mixing, can be used to produce all kinds of clothing. Its advantage, be already absorbed cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber the merits of as much as possible, and to avoid their respective shortcomings, and relatively low in value, so popular.


Underwear wash

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1, underwear must be washed by hand.
pants usually relatively small, to increase friction density, the proposal with his forefinger and thumb holding, close CuoLong, so just wash clean, thoroughly;

2, underwear to change every day, wash everyday, wash in time.

Don’t let the pants for the night, otherwise easy to bacterium, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. The other is, many insects, like women, a lot of trouble; underwear

3, lotion must soap water is the best, and the vessels, and the water is best for cold water.

4, clean underwear, avoid by all means is direct exposure.
Should first in shady and cool place blow dry, then put into the sunlight disinfection. Otherwise, underwear stiff, easy to deformation.

underwear clean

underwear clean








5, the last program: dry underwear, not in the wardrobe.

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Fashion men of NBA

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NFL will be lockout more than four-month.This is a bed news!
Not only this,until now,NBA now lockouting…
In this summer I don’t know if I can enjoy the NBA,and NFL.What a pity.
Let memories some  Fashion men of NBA.

1:Shaquille O’Neal
I like his big ASS,and his smile.When the more than 300 pounds body jump,the ball must be goal.
All well and good,O’Neal are retired before NBA lockout.
He’s wear is ok,but until now,I did not saw he wear a jeans.

2:Yao Ming
Different with O’Neal,Yao is very very tall.more than once I think,which style centre forward are top,Tall? or Strong?
Same as O’neal,Yao retired yesterday.
Maybe Yao too tall,I think whatever which men clothing he wear,not very good.

Great player,don’t need more words,I think everyone know this great player.
Kobe’s interpretation the men fashion.especially when he wear pants….
In fact,there are so many great player in NBA,or NFL.
Those nice sports give us happy,we must be thanks for the players,and pay attention to them.