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Color of fashion

Top news: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo’s  Wedding

The stars are quietly married, they age grow up, we are old.
We are now in suit and ties, and leather shoes.
No longer do the hair into explosive, no longer wearing hole in jeans. We are all old…

Talk about men’s fashion.

“Color” has always been men dress the soft rib of spring is a color, will wear the upper season, but with the color of the high degree of saturation, how to choose, collocation became men headache problem. In fact this season on T stage of high-profile neon color has very high popularity, and designers also brought a lot for you reference colour Suggestions for men, now is the summary of the most practical color scheme.

If this season, the colour of the best performers must be Jil Sander, copy is like a ball, the fluorescent orange, candy bright light blue, neon powder, malachite green, all elements of the leap for a man with a aesthetic affair, Jil Sander in today season to men express an emotional-think happiness is just don’t be afraid to make public.

If you with their body and appearance confident enough, and that spring is don’t give up so bright beautiful colour, just in daily dress, the choice of many bright color of a is enough.

Of green, blue, violet blue fluorescence…… Although are bouncing colour, but united in the “blue” fundamental key, the piece but do not lose grade.

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