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Although Europe is the world’s fashion centre, but we should not forget Japan, Japan is also a fashion country, whether the kingdom of men fashion or women fashion.

Japanese tide magazine “Sense” to continue their high-end products plan, the cooperation for the Japanese designer MIHARAYASUHIRO to rule them article this called “Black Sense Market” product line.

As is known to all, MIHARAYASUHIRO specialty of is a colour collocation and material mix build quality, and the famous mosaics from the hand of his shoes is. The PUMA brand before and sports cooperation completely changed sports shoes design idea, to define the relationship between fashion and movement. The Black Market for “Sense” single product design, is MIHARAYASUHIRO and a challenge yourself to try, never in diablo is style, MIHARAYASUHIRO absolutely can say is a new person. Of course, single product did not another us down, cultivate one’s morality clipping, advanced materials, as well as to the baseball uniform such trend single product attempt, let us see the new people can also do well. Fashion and trend this don’t break up, excellent designers can always find the contact, and use the properly.



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