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Socks and men fashion

Some men will say, “a pair of socks what cultured? Anyway, it is to wear Leather shoes in.” What does not know, men dress from these seemingly minor details grade is reflected in the dress, especially in installing, a pair of socks choice often become the key of success or failure in a pack.

Not just a pair of socks can do to installing the sox

Do not think that literally from the closet find out a pair of wool socks, can match being installed, for the fashion men, assembling a sox is absolutely necessary. The standard is installed sox color mostly black, grey or dark CangLan etc, with the monochrome and simple jacquard primarily, material generally for cotton, wool and elastic fiber, which absorb sweat air tightness and moderate. And, being installed sox requirements are thin and not transparent and long and crus belly, so that we can guarantee the man sit, not in trousers and socks side edge between passes a cut skin. And if it is tie-in dress, assembling a sox requirements also is met subsequently upgrade, black silk socks is obviously the gentleman of traditional, now also have a lot of men choose dumb light thin wool socks, the quality of a material that can better highlight to installing trousers and is the quality of a material of dress shoes with luster. A man had recommended that fashion magazine: “if a man dressed in shallow mouth no choice with tie-in leather shoes, he must be late outfit to determine his socks texture is very thin, and if you choose a pair of black thick socks to match, that will make you look very like labradors.”

socks of mens fashion

socks of mens fashion

If just to go to work or to attend the general formal occasions, assembling a sox should and trousers, leather shoes, three color, make same or similar legs and feet look is complete, a body, if leather shoes and trousers off color is bigger, it should at least keep socks and shoes with color. In daily life, we always seems to see a man is sitting with the leg from trousers and leather shoes out a section between white socks, this kind of collocation is a landmark for Jackson fashionable, but it is being installed to the man is absolutely the collocation of then taboo.

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