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fashion consultant of Obama

fashion consultant of the President of the United States

If you ask Hollywood, who will become the next President of the actor was born? The whole Hollywood will tell you the same answer: George clooney.

In addition to a standard of the President of the United States, the poignant speech can face, George clooney’s activities do not underestimate ability. The stars are love various charitable activities, but clooney to charity is not only the “love” mouth, he launched a for Haiti earthquake relief activities, let telephone brad Pitt and Angelina jolie waiting for a ticket Hollywood star answer the phone relief.

I don’t know clooney how to care his skin,he looks very youth.

His love for the political opinions and published by the crowd welcomed, of course, be political figures like of beijings object. Obama early in the campaign and clooney pull the relationship, are considered “wearing sackcloth bag are all handsome” clooney gave Obama a lot of fashion advice, and they often telephone and E-mail traffic. Obama took office in the White House a personally received him, George presenting a more current President fashion consultant and activities consultant. Last year after the tour of Sudan, he was in the White House for Obama’s interview, report to the local residents conditions of life and life difficult, to help governments to find better ways to Sudan’s aid.

And other star, clooney people doing things very than smart, even some politicians “crafty”. He almost don’t accept gifts, even if accepted, also direct will hang on eBay to sell them, the proceeds to charity. “I have been very cautious about. Wealthy celebrities are everywhere, accept a gift is badly will look greedy. And, I also don’t need what set auger cell phone.”

fashion consultant

fashion consultant

However, clooney good said he no political ambitions. “In the important events, people have to do a lot of compromise.” He also bad to laugh at themselves with a smile: “I and too many women had relations, also drunk too much. If in politics, I must be that often have to stand up and admit that ‘yes, I do that’ slob.” He’s clever, isn’t it?

I think clooney look like Brett Favre.lol

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