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Underwear wash

1, underwear must be washed by hand.
pants usually relatively small, to increase friction density, the proposal with his forefinger and thumb holding, close CuoLong, so just wash clean, thoroughly;

2, underwear to change every day, wash everyday, wash in time.

Don’t let the pants for the night, otherwise easy to bacterium, and increase the difficulty of cleaning. The other is, many insects, like women, a lot of trouble; underwear

3, lotion must soap water is the best, and the vessels, and the water is best for cold water.

4, clean underwear, avoid by all means is direct exposure.
Should first in shady and cool place blow dry, then put into the sunlight disinfection. Otherwise, underwear stiff, easy to deformation.

underwear clean

underwear clean








5, the last program: dry underwear, not in the wardrobe.

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