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Fashion men of NBA

NFL will be lockout more than four-month.This is a bed news!
Not only this,until now,NBA now lockouting…
In this summer I don’t know if I can enjoy the NBA,and NFL.What a pity.
Let memories some  Fashion men of NBA.

1:Shaquille O’Neal
I like his big ASS,and his smile.When the more than 300 pounds body jump,the ball must be goal.
All well and good,O’Neal are retired before NBA lockout.
He’s wear is ok,but until now,I did not saw he wear a jeans.

2:Yao Ming
Different with O’Neal,Yao is very very tall.more than once I think,which style centre forward are top,Tall? or Strong?
Same as O’neal,Yao retired yesterday.
Maybe Yao too tall,I think whatever which men clothing he wear,not very good.

Great player,don’t need more words,I think everyone know this great player.
Kobe’s interpretation the men fashion.especially when he wear pants….
In fact,there are so many great player in NBA,or NFL.
Those nice sports give us happy,we must be thanks for the players,and pay attention to them.