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smoke and the adhd

Today, attention keywords – adhd.
The United States is the latest article talked about this adhd, secondhand smoke and the relationship between the adhd.

Here I appeal, male friends, please don’t smoke in public!!!
The skin aging include skin dry, rough and wrinkle the skin flabby, form, appear atrophy, wrinkle capsule pigmentation, blood capillary dilate, and hair are pale, etc. The skin aging each kind of performance is affected by environmental, diet, bad habits and skin maintenance, and many other factors.

adhd and secondhand smoke

adhd and secondhand smoke

People pay more and more attention to the relationship between smoking and skin wrinkles. There are many data show that no matter people’s age, gender, skin color, exposure to the sun of the time, smokers facial wrinkles occurrence and the amount of increase is five times the smokers. Because, this is, the nicotine in tobacco contains such harmful ingredients can make the skin cutin layer of water fell, the resultant force skin become dry. In addition, smoking also make the skin surface water fat content, the skin surface to reduce compounds become coarse, can’t keep the soft and glossy. Tobacco the harmful components can also make dermal collagen synthesis reduce, elastic fiber denaturation, so that people there wrinkles.

A 40-year-old smokers and a 70-year-old non-smokers skin condition, almost can’t tell the difference between. Smokers, especially female smokers formation of skin furrow and aggravation of the time, the actual age than 20 years earlier.

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