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prince William resume

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News: Kawasaki disease diagnosed on Facebook, saves young boy’s life.

Let us pray for the child.

Talk about prince William

Britain’s royal family, for hundreds of years as a spiritual symbol country play a condensed the role of national. As a second in line to the throne, prince William, from a born in the life the spotlight. He 30 years time, adapted to the “overwhelming life”, completed all the expectations of the prince.

On 21 June 1982 in west London, Paddington holy Mary hospital, a man named William boy born, he is Charles prince and princess Diana “civilian” of the firstborn. One was born, he will have a all the attention of the title, “wales HRH prince William“. The graph is in 1982, Charles and Diana holding the new born William.

Media glare of William every growth process. On March 1, 1991, William parents visited the capital of wales was accompanied by Cardiff, is that his first public appearances. When he left with pen register, signed visitors public square know prince William is left-handed. In the left Cardiff, William television lens, let the British heard his first words: “thank you.” The two detail is the UK with relish.

Just enter the school, William disciplines her teacher said: “when I do the king, I will order my knight to put your head cut off.” Diana after that, sternly criticized William, and let the William apologized to his teacher. The graph is 1993 years, London, UK, William and his brother harry in to a real ceremony.

However, Diana the greatest possible to let his own two sons live a life of the ordinary people. She let in schools accept education and William not have their own family teacher. It is in DuoNian boarding school life, William learned in separated from their parents for comfort. The school classmates, but he rarely talk about him as a normal students treat.

His mother’s death, except to William cause emotional strike, also let he began to media to be alert. William entering school door, he and big media made a pact; The university for four years, the media during the filming of William university life no longer, and the royal family will regularly to the media provide the illuminated. William university “It’s hard, but I will still do myself.

In 2001, prince William, into the holy case drew read Scotland, university.

In December 2003, prince William at st Andrews reading.

During the university, William physical talent got fully show. William like water sports, who is on the school team, water won the freestyle champion. William so explain his love of the movement of the reason: “only in HuiHan run, people to forget I’m Diana children.”

Later, William was the media with a young woman took a football game on the double into. This woman named Kate later became the William’s fiancee. This is Kate first appeared in the public eye.

In 2005, in Britain gloucestershire at a polo match, a scene attracted all the British people’s attention: participate in the competition of William after the game to kiss openly stepmother camilla cheeks. This is the first time prince William in public kissing camilla. The British media thinks generally, not least the kiss of the camp is not only from inside William to camilla admitted, also said he had forgiven camilla to damage the mother, Diana.

September 3, 2005, prince William and prince Philip and princess Elizabeth together in horse show. The royal Scottish Blake

In June 2005, the royal family the best with William graduated. He said: “to leave, I feel very sad. Just want to accompany me all through this period of good times my heartfelt thanks. I live a normal life of students, that’s just what I expected.

After graduation from the university, William began to share the royal duties. His first task is to represent the queen of England to the end of world war ii in New Zealand hold 60 anniversary commemoration. Then, he also visited DuoGe countries. Facing the waves of responsibility, prince William, feel the pressure: “I have so many things to do, I’m scared, really afraid of not enough time to finish. As if the clock has started to tick turning in the same.

January 8, 2006, William into military academy started to accept training. Later, he and accept for four months of flight training courses. After driving alone for the first time, said William, life most want to do 50 things alone, flight is one of them. In 2008, William announced that hope to join a British royal air force and become the news of the rescue pilots.

April 29, 2011, prince William and Kate Middleton in Britain Westminster cathedral of the big wedding ceremony.

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