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more about men shave

Some people like on the old razor, but more men willing to use embed have a knife safety shaving knife, sharp blade will blow very clean skin, smooth, won’t keep the beard chi handle. In recent years, the electric razor grew in popularity up.

Shaving can enhance the electricity tremors involves the vitality of the area around and cheek, a tremor massage, clear the meridians blood role. But after a few people use a mouth, skin itch week for a while, out of a little better, to disappear. This may contact with electric razor contain nickel relevant. Nickel is the most common allergens, in broken skin ( how to care man skin ), bacterial infections, too much friction could increase the absorption of nickel. At this time, should stop using electric razor.

mens shave

mens shave

Note the, someone like by hand or tweezers beard, this is out of a bad habit, bacteria, cause wool bursa invasion to inflammation, the furuncle and other skin diseases.


Face the growth of beard direction different, first to understand your beard texture and down under, it can scrape grain shaving beards of 80%, then reverse direction; Finally, check the reach of the wind, the following palate, laryngeal tuberculosis, etc. Note the sensitive skin, the people better use the more, so that can reduce razor blade clean-shaven time is reduced, allergy can. To shave steps usually from both sides of the cheek on start, and then is the upper lip beard, then is the face of the edges, the principle of general parts from the sparse beard the parts of the most dense parts, began in the end. Because the shaving cream stay long, some HuGen can further softening.

Cleaning money

Scrape, with warm water after washing clean, gently to blow dry after take place, do not force friction, then apply aftershave, must be contractive pore water, after disinfection and leave skin bright of subtle fragrance, make the person feel pure and fresh water. After use should be knife is rinsed clean, in the open air, in order to avoid dry it in bacteria growth, should be regularly in the blade, wash with water, also can be in alcohol to immerse.

if you advocate simple convenient shaving way, can choose electric razor, might as well pay attention to the following steps:

1. Pay attention to clean, with the brush to clean up the electric razor blade and the contact area, if use knives in water, can use it before and after you wash it.

2. Usually electric razor is in the dry environment, shaving usually use should be kept dry face, but also can use the special electric razor and special shaving water, to soften the beard.

3. The wind beard, skin care should not be forgotten.

4. To avoid use of the bacteria growth, after cleaning indispensable. In order to have a good “face”, or more attention right, use shaving products when, had better pay attention to the following advice: shaving cream or shaving the miles and shaving bubble is in use before shaving, can keep the water, speed up the beard, reduce the damage and soften the discomfort; After lotion must keep moisture, prevent to after shaving moisture to evaporate. In the choice of shaving cream or shaving lotion or choose to compare cool and refreshing when soft for good, because their main task is to ease and calm skin, don’t think intense burning products that masculine.

After shaving to protect skin to taste, had better choose do not contain alcohol, because alcohol often can make skin more dry, and a certain excitant. Generally speaking, after-shave lotion is very good skin care choices, emulsion is also good, if your skin is dry, should pay attention to choose moisturizing effect better products, if is mixed or oily skin, the choice of lighter.

More about men shave .

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