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mistakes of men wear

Red for positive active individuality; Brown appears elegant; And to the person, green peace of cool feeling; Blue is the typical cool color; Yellow is the typical bright color and expansion feeling, can appear a little put on tall; Black is mature, mysterious, have contractive feeling, fat people wore show thin; Appear sedate gray, and white appears simple but elegant, be full of spark.

Jacket and jeans is called the young clothing, even in old people wearing also appear natural and unrestrained, free, the youth are filled. And short fat people figure with but not received the desired effect, but appear overstaffed. Loose sweaters, can foil a stout men fit, and the tall man, but give a person with the gold elephant dress don’t “the clothes shelf” impression. Contrary, if tall put on down jacket, situation will changes greatly.

men fashion take common style is suit. Suit shows mature, confident, can be suitable for all ages. Wear a suit to want to notice to manner, don’t slouch, mental Calvin, or just the opposite. A man of great size, double platoon to buckle suit, and figure appear burly general or thin man, wear buttons is a handsome appears concise suit. French fashion designers exhibition once said that men dress is apt to make problems:

1, tie and dress color don’t match.

2, a short leg, appear short legs and high center of gravity.

3, suit and sleeves on too long, is not efficient.

4, crotch too big, appear Ta drag.

5, shirt brought too big, is loose.

6, shoes and clothes don’t match.

Man in a social situation, it shall comply with the dress choose three color principles that suit, shirt, tie, socks, general belt should not be more than three kinds of color. That is because, from the vision, the colour of clothing in about three good collocation, within the three colors more than once, can appear the chaotic.

It is more exquisite, the colour of clothing in three color and even the same colour, within the scope of the first suit, shirt, tie, once after gradually, this is the most traditional through the match. Conversely, tie the shallow color, shirt, suit colour the deepest, followed by shallow development is tie-in dress, also be feasible.

Colour has the express emotion and qualitative effect, use of color and contrast an optical illusion of power, can capitalize on color in clothing.