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man prevent bask

I am very happy, and next week I will go to alcatraz island on holiday.

So when I came back I’ll share them with friends.

I was wondering what should I bring, is the mens fashion wear, or a gentleman magazine, or a notebook computer?

I decided to, I’ll take the latest film <<harry potter and the order of the phoenix>>!

Now share with you the man prevent bask knowledge.


man prevent bask

man prevent bask



prevent bask product categories:

Sunscreen, oil film is thinner, not easy to maintain, and lasting prevent bask in coefficient are small, often in the summer from the welcome of people, but it has some very good advantages, such as good waterproof, distribution, suitable for swimming, sun and use.

Bask in a great, easy to carry, easy to use, can prevent bask in the effect is better than oil, but is not suitable for large area besmear is used.

Prevent bask in gel, many are water-soluble gel, skin feeling relaxed, suitable for use in the summer. But the product water resistance is poor, prevent bask in the effect is not obvious.

Sunscreen lotion, it is “big brother” of prevent bask products, about eighty percent above bask in cosmetics are emulsion formulations, because of it of SPF value can is higher; Easy to blot out and don’t feel greasy, special processing can also be waterproof.

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