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Ellie goulding and Minka Kelly

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Japan, the earthquake happened again.
Hope that people can peace.

Today’s article I want to talk about women, although this is a men fashion blog.

Don’t know whether friends know Ellie goulding?

Ellie goulding

Ellie goulding

She born in 30 December 1986. And I almost commoner than big, but is now a very famous musicians, I admire her.
Why talk about Ellie goulding? Because these days, in GOOGLE’s are full of her information, it seems that she is doing great.

The second women:Minka Kelly
Also is very popular with news, she is a good actress, yes!!!!!
Of course, Minka Kelly is very beautiful.

Today, no write about male dress of the article, because my body is not very comfortable, very tired.
I very want to and as luigi jumped!!!!!

The earthquake hope don’t caused Japan tsunami.
God bless us.