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comprehensive care men leather shoes

men fashion is comprehensive, can not leave a pair of beautiful leather shoes.

Men leather shoes maintenance note the following points:

men leather shoes

men leather shoes

1, each pair of shoes in consecutive time shoulds not be too long, don’t wear shoes should be in fine dry place. skin avoid submerged in water, if dipped into the excessive moisture appear YanShuang, and impact of the extensibility of leather and strong resistance to wear sex, when the feeling of stiff, shoes yi deformation.

2, leather shoes, and others can’t pay in, or you will have obvious deformation, because the person namely differs in time, shoes and foot to converge.

3, leather shoes, collection should be used when moist leather, shoes face shoeshine cavity into finalize the design paper and desiccant put in ventilated place, trying to keep the air temperature in 18 ~ 20 ℃.

maintain little common sense men leather shoes

1, leather shoes, such as the discovery of the frost, usable cotton gauze or with a few warm water, wipe the white frost, put in the shoes, and then clean air ventilated place on a few shoeshine preservation.

2, leather shoes, the soft cloth or should use soft brush wipe gently with special shoeshine, cleaning and maintenance, lest shoeshine and leather face happen reaction, cause color or damage to the cortex.

3, USES vamp do not brush, brush, application shoeshine water special cleaner, along with the brush brush or use the special direction light rubber XieFen clean.

4, oil leather shoes surface is soaked in oil after the, maintenance can be used when dry cloth or special products for vamp clean.

5, banana skin decontamination method: take a few bananas skin, and use it to brush try leather shoes the grease, can make the leather face clean and pure and fresh, because the banana skin contains tannin content, can remove grease tannins.

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