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Men want to health eat those eight kinds of food every day

A men-store.info men’s magazine has published an article entitled “the man will eat every day of eight kinds of food” article. See, feel this several food in our life is also common, and cheaper, is worthy to be popularized. The eight food is: spinach, yogurt (or yogurt), tomato, carrot, blueberries (or strawberry, the purple grape), black beans (or peas), walnut, oats.

Including spinach is leading the way.

1, talked about spinach, we always feel it more, eat the folic acid to produce stone. But the expert points out: folic acid for men to be significant. Folic acid can not only help biceps contraction powerful, but can and spinach containing 3 fatty acids with muscle growth to provide the energy needed to, still can make the muscle to more sensitive to insulin, increase muscle to reduce fat.

The expert thinks, spinach can promote muscle growth, spinach contains 3 fatty acids and folic acid, can provide certain muscle synthesis energy, folic acid is up to speed up to the reproductive organs of the blood circulation, enhance sexual ability.

For old people, spinach is a significant advantage of its rich in lutein can delay the deterioration of the elderly macular. Eat more spinach can prevent human retinal aging fall off, because spinach contains antioxidants can prevent and cure the old eyes “macular degeneration”, delay old people of macular degeneration and aging in the eye MangZheng or vision loss.

2, yogurt, in life have a saying: men drink milk, yoghurt nutrition better woman. In fact yogurt drink, man not only women more to drink. Because yogurt in fermentation, produce protein decomposing enzyme, break it down some protein produced a great number of amino acids, make after are more likely to be absorbed by human body. Lactic acid bacteria after the digestive tract (e., small intestinal) plays the role of antibacterial and anti-corrosion, adjust the intestinal tract microbial group of balance. Long-term eating acid bacteria can reduce the human body cholesterol level. Prevent cataract formation.

3, tomatoes contain rich vitamin C, is the first choice of cancer prevention and fighting against cancer, fruit and vegetable by some tomatoes sex, acid, small cold gump, promote the secretion of be, feed, cool blood flat liver, qingrejiedu, lower blood pressure, the effect of high blood pressure, kidney disease in people have very good auxiliary therapy effect. Especially men tomatoes can increase the reproductive cells. Scrambled egg with tomato is very good nutrition food, oh.

4, carrot in our country folk, people call it “small ginseng”. Carrot element in the human body can be translated into vitamin A. Study found that in recent years, vitamin A lack of people, cancer rates than ordinary people high 2 times. If every day eat some carrots, can greatly reduce the risk of lung cancer, even for the transformation of the cancer cells have an inhibitory effect. Practice proves that the carrot has cancer prevention, cancer-fighting properties. In addition, it has the function of eye protection.

5, blueberries, strawberry, the purple grape their nutritional value similar, took the purple grape to say, the juice contains an antioxidant polyphenols active highest, the strongest. Followed by apple juice and acid fruit juice, orange juice and total polyphenol content at least. Antioxidants in the protection of the body from free radical damage cases, it plays a key role by inhibiting the free radicals to maintain physical oxidation, anti-aging, and balance can reduce diseases such as cancer and heart disease risk.

6 a bean, black beans, the king of the laudatory name. Black beans, mainly from India, Burma and Pakistan, the country is rich in protein, vitamin E, B group, calcium, iron, flax acid and lecithin and other ingredients, in ancient times, once in many pharmacopoeia recorded with “black beans in yan, bright eye, i. listened Ukrainian occurred, make the skin becomes white tender” effect, such as the poems in the tang dynasty materia medica “account, black beans can” bright eye town, take heart. Long, removing good color, become white old.” ;The Ming dynasty compendium of materia medica records “LiShouYu every morning water swallowed 27 pieces, black beans to old long”; And su dongpo had described at the time, both inside and outside the city and girls in order to nurture the beauty and take feed black beans. Visible black beans and nutritional value.

7, walnut so-called longevity food. Rich in fat, contains the lipid have linoleic acid triglyceride and linolenic acid and oleic acid to reduce cholesterol, triglyceride blood is good for increased, arteriosclerosis, cardio-cerebrovascular disease patients. Walnuts contain lecithin is taller, can maintain normal metabolism of cells, strengthen the cell vitality, prevent brain cells, the recession is good brain food. The phospholipid choline can promote liver cells of the fat metabolism, and to lessen the degree of fatty liver, walnut contains lysine, can increase more serum albumin and maintaining weight for treatment of cancer and tuberculosis, depleting diseases such as beneficial, and walnut contains hydroquinone walnut, for some portability tumors of inhibition.

8, oats can effectively reduce the cholesterol in the human body, regular consumption of center, cerebrovascular disease have some prevention action; For people with diabetes also have very good sugar, the effect that reduce weight of; Oatmeal have stools effect, a lot of old people move bowels dry and likely to cause cerebrovascular accident, oats to solve constipation this sorrow; It can also improve blood circulation, relieve the pressures of work; Contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals have prevent osteoporosis, promote wound healing, prevent anemia effect, calcium is tasted; Oats contain extremely rich linoleic acid, fatty liver, diabetes, bloated, constipation, also have assisted effect

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