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Reduced pressure ten law

Men-store.info to introduce you ten law of men pressure

Step 1, spirit beyond-values and life positioning

Their life values and role, life target setting, and so on, the main simply means: you’re going to do a what kind of person, you of the life which target ready to reach. These seemingly has nothing to do with the specific men pressure of the thing is actually to our influence, but always is very great, for many the reflection of pressure often end up to this aspect to. Carnegie said: “I believe very much that, this is the biggest secret for psychological calm-one of the correct values. And I also believe, as long as we can set a personal standards to-is and our lives, what kind of things compared to worth our fears, standard 50% can immediately eliminated.”
step 2, with a positive, optimistic attitude adjustment–the mentality of embrace men pressure

The French writer Hugo once said: “thought can make a heaven of hell, also can make a heaven of hell.”

men pressure

men pressure

We need to know is that the crisis to turn and meet with difficulties, stress, on the one hand, a possible ability is insufficient, so the whole issue treatment process, will become strengthen his ability, development of important opportunities; Another may also is the environment or others factors, can communicate, if can’t solve rational solution, also can forgive everything, try to keep positive, optimistic attitude to face every thing. As someone study so-called optimistic index, that is a person often keep positive optimistic heart, to deal with a problem, he will be more than the average person 20% out of the opportunity to obtain satisfactory results. So positive and optimistic attitude not only by the pressure will calm about the disorder mood, also can make a problem guide positive results.

step 3, rational reflection self-examination and pressure-diary

Rational reflection, positive self dialogue and reflection. For a positive people, facing pressure can ask ourselves, “if you don’t make it and how to?” The idea is not an excuse, but an effective way of relieving stress. But if itself personality more easily tend to escape, it should be for themselves in a more positive attitude to face pressure, tell yourself that moderate levels of stress can help yourself

Fourth step, establish balance-set aside the rest space, don’t put the men pressure at work to take home

Step 5, time management, the key is not to let you of the arrangement or so you, you want to arrange your things

Step 6, strengthen communication-don’t try to one man put all pressure take on

In peacetime to positive social relationships, and in particular to strengthen and his colleagues and superiors, subordinates, and always remember that the communication, pressure is too great to seek the help of when the competent, don’t try to one man put all pressure take on. At the same time in men pressure comes, still can take the initiative to seek psychological help, such as friends and family communication, psychological consultation to other ways to actively respond to.

Step 7, improve ability-relieving stress the most efficient method is to try to promote their own ability

Now that pressure is the source of their own things, not familiar with uncertainty, or for target reaching feel inadequate, so, relieving stress caused by the most direct and efficient method, is to understand and grasp condition, and to try to promote their own ability. Through the self-study, to participate in training and other ways, once “will be”, “practice”, “clear”, the pressure will naturally reduce, eliminate, visible pressure is not a terrible thing. Escape is can’t relieving stress, it is because of the ability of ascension, not itself that already some pressure still exist, intensity is undiminished.

Step 8, live for today, concentrate on all your wisdom, enthusiasm, and put today’s job properly

Pressure, in fact there is a the same qualities, is outstanding performance at tomorrow and future of the anxiety and worry. And to deal with the stress, our main business is not to see what distant future, but to do what lies clearly at hand to prepare for tomorrow, because the best way is to concentrate on all your wisdom, enthusiasm, and put today’s job properly.

Step 9, physical adjustment–keep healthy, learn to relax

Another management the method of men pressure concentration in the control of some physical changes, such as: gradually, take a deep breath, relax muscles strengthen exercise, adequate sleep, and keep complete health and nutrition. Through the keep you healthy, you can increase the energy and endurance, help you and pressure caused by the struggle. Fatigue

Step 10, daily reduced pressure

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